1Ls Give Back

The incoming class of 1L students has spent the past few days getting acclimated with one another and with life in Hulston Hall. On Thursday morning, the new students and some faculty and staff headed over to the Food Bank to volunteer together. 1L Haley Benson shared her experience with us:

“I genuinely enjoyed volunteering at The Food Bank! I like this organization because it offers us the chance to help provide for the people in our community. The volunteers I’ve seen come from all backgrounds and walks of life, and they are always happy about their experience with the tasks, the workers, and the outcome. I feel The Food Bank is unique because by volunteering there you are directly impacting Missourians and the results of your service are tangible. Just glancing at their website will show you the 32 counties that The Food Bank helps supply. It was also a great experience getting to work with my classmates and some of the faculty. Orientation, though daunting at times, was a nice introduction into what law school life will look like and gave our class the opportunity to get more familiar with each other. Volunteering on the last day was the perfect end to the events because it had a much more relaxed feel and I think we all felt more comfortable joking around and just having fun while we were serving. I was at a table with JR and Joe Swanegan and another law student in my section, and after two days of becoming acquainted with the students and faculty, the casual yet fast-paced environment of The Food Bank allowed for a lively and collegial atmosphere between all the volunteers. Overall, I felt this organization offered a unique and meaningful opportunity for us to get to know each other and give back to the community that many incoming students are new to.”