Official Enrollment in Courses

If you wish to sit in on a course you must enroll in that course either for credit or as a hearer. In addition, you must register for any credit-carrying program, including Law Review, Research, Advanced Advocacy Research, Moot Court and Board of Advocate competitions or Clinical Placements. Students taking any of these for credit should register for them only in the semester in which they expect to complete credit requirements.

You must either complete all courses for which you are registered or properly drop the course. This includes courses in which you are registered as a hearer. Please refer to the University refund policy for the dates and percentages of refund you would receive for dropping a course.

Upon completion of registration, you may not enroll in a course without petitioning, or withdraw from a course without either petitioning or formally withdrawing from the University. Petitioning, more commonly referred to as Add/Drop, must be initiated by the student. If you desire to make a change in course selection, changes in status from credit to hearer or vice versa, or changes in number of credit hours for a particular course, you must obtain a Add/Drop form and a Supplemental Course Statement from the Records Office (Room 203), complete the forms, receive approval, and complete the registration process as directed.

Registration Packet for 2022-2023 Academic Year (.pdf)

The petitioning period to drop a course or to change status within a course is normally through the first six weeks of the fall or winter semester. Adding a course must be accomplished within the first two weeks. Add/Drops in the summer session must be accomplished during the first week of class. Add/Drop petitions after these periods may only be granted by the Associate Dean and only for a good cause shown. The Associate Dean will normally consult with the professor prior to the approval of the Add/Drop petition. The Associate Dean shall also determine if the student is attempting to gain an unfair advantage by the add or drop, and if such a determination is made, shall not grant the petition to add or drop the course. A student may change from credit to hearer status in any elective course prior to the end of the last day of classes. To switch sections of a course, you must obtain consent of the Associate Dean and fill out a section change form obtainable in the Records Office (Room 203).

If you receive an incomplete grade in a course, you have only one year to complete the course.

Effect of Late Grades on Registration

Registration in any semester or summer session is conditional upon the student being eligible for registration when grades for the preceding semester are reported.

Refund of Fees

Information about refund of fees is available on the MU Cashier’s Website.  Make sure you look at the information that applies to the School of Law.

If a student drops a class the refund adheres to the MU Cashier’s schedule. If a subsequent class is added, the student will be charged 100% for the class.

Official Transcript Receipt Requirement