How to …?

Letter of Good Standing

Letters of good academic standing can be obtained from the Law School Registrar’s Office, in room 203. Please email Denise Boessen ( requesting the letter. Please specify the reason for the letter, the address to which the letter should be sent and the deadline. Please allow five working days for the letter to be processed.

Non-Law Courses

Law students are permitted to take up to a total of six (6) hours of courses for Law School credit in other schools of the University during law school.  Students seeking to register in a non-law course should complete the form and follow the process outlined in the  in the Credit for Non-Law Courses policy.

Research Course

Research is a course designed to allow students to work with a faculty member in an independent research project of interest to the student. Any student enrolling for Research credit must designate at the time of enrollment the professor who will supervise the research project. Credit is earned at the rate of 20 pages per credit hour.   No more than three hours of Research may be taken or counted toward the law degree. Enrollment may, but need not, be structured so as to satisfy the upper-level writing requirement. To satisfy the Law School’s writing requirement the project needs to culminate in an individually authored paper of at least 20 pages, based on independent research, through a process that involves an initial draft, critique by the supervising faculty members, and rewrite.

To register for the course the student must complete this form, secure the supervising professor’s signature and return it to the Law School’s Registrar in Room 203. The Registrar will then enroll the student in the course.


Log in to MyZou. Go to your Self Service then to your Student Center. On the left hand side of the page, under Academics, click the down arrow in the box that says: other academics… From here you can choose Official Transcript and click the side arrows for Go and follow the directions.

For a copy of your Academic Student Profile (record of grades) to be sent to your email as a .pdf file: choose Student Academic Profile and click the Go. Click the Submit tab at the top right and this will send your academic record to your University e-mail account. You will receive a message with an attachment from indicating in the subject line: Student Academic Profile.

Note: Due to University policy the School of Law cannot provide ‘unofficial’ transcripts. Nor can the School of Law request transcripts for individuals. The request must come directly from the student/graduate.

for a Concentration/Certificate

At the start of the academic year, the Law School Registrar will email students the Expression of Interest Form, wherein students wanting to pursue a law school concentration or certificate could indicate their interest. Students seeking to complete one of these programs need to complete the form before their last semester of law school. A student who completes all the requirements but who fails to complete the Expression of Interest form might not be able to obtain the official acknowledgment in his or her transcript. Thus, it is very important that you complete the form and return it to us by the specific deadline.