2019 Hooding Ceremony

One of the wonderful graduation traditions at the University of Missouri School of Law is the inclusion of family in the hooding ceremony. Graduating students can be “hooded” by a close family member if they have a relative who is a graduate of Mizzou Law school or a law professor, current or retired at Mizzou Law.

This year family members hooded seven Mizzou Law graduates:

  • Bart S. Brand, a 1984 graduate, hooded his son George Brand.
  • Mark Langworthy, a 1990 graduate, hooded his son John Langworthy.
  • Paul McGhee, a 1949 graduate, hooded his granddaughter Meredith McGhee.
  • Aaron Sachs, a 1986 graduate, hooded his daughter Sarah Sachs.
  • Melody Daily, a 1986 graduate and current MU Law Professor, hooded her nephew Taylor Shortal. “My aunt Melody helped make the law school what it is today, and she helped make me who I am,” Shortal said. “It is only right that she is here on the day of my graduation.”
  • James Terrell, a 1982 graduate, hooded his son Christopher Terrell. “I’m excited to have my dad hood me because he has been my hero for most of my life,” Christopher Terrell said. “He taught me everything about how to be a good man, a good husband, and a good father, not to mention a good attorney. He has always been there for me through all the ups and downs of my life, and though he never pushed me toward it, I think it was always a secret dream of his that I would follow in his footsteps and become a lawyer. It will be a real honor to have him hood me and formally bring me into his profession as an equal.”
  • Gerald Weidner, a 1987 graduate, hooded his son Alex Weidner.

In addition to the family hooders, retiring faculty: Professor Doug Abrams, Dean Larry Dessem and Dean Bob Jerry hooded the 2019 class.