2L Brionna Pratt Selected for JCBA Judge Kit Carson Roque, Jr. Scholarship

Brionna Pratt, a J.D. candidate in the Mizzou Law class of 2021, has recently been selected as a recipient for the Jackson County Bar Association (JCBA) Judge Kit Carson Roque, Jr. Scholarship. The JCBA Judge Kit Carson Roque, Jr. The scholarship is given in honor of the late Judge Kit Carson Roque, Jr. Judge Roque was an African-American graduate of the University of Missouri-Kansas City Law School and a former member of the JCBA. Judge Roque was also a dedicated civil rights leader, community activist, and child advocate.

“I have always had a passion for advocating on behalf of individuals who look like me or have been through the same struggles as me,” Pratt said. “Because of this passion, I decided to attend law school. Being a recipient of this scholarship not only means that I can continue pursuing my legal education, but it also allows me to carry on the legacy of Judge Roque.”

The JCBA was formed during a time when African-American lawyers were barred from joining the American Bar Association or the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association. Students who exemplify Judge Roque’s high academic standards and commitment to the community are selected annually for this award.

“Each day, I aim to use my voice as a weapon to tackle any injustices faced by minorities in the law and community,” Pratt said. “Being a recipient of this scholarship also means that I receive the opportunity to network with members of the JCBA who are well-established in their careers. As a recipient, I am hopeful that someday I will make a difference in the world the same way Judge Roque has.”