BETR Articles and White Papers Publication Announcement

The Business, Entrepreneurship & Tax Law Review (“BETR”) is proud to announce the following student-written articles that were selected for publication in our Spring 2020 issue:

Clayton Alexander

Game Over? How Video Game Console Makers are Speeding Toward an Antitrust Violation

Christian Hodgson

On the Effort to Discover and Eliminate Offshore Tax Abuse

Douglas Mann

Cleaning Up and Cashing Out: Using Financial Incentives to Increase Missourians Use of Solar Energy and Decrease Missouri’s Dependence on Imported Coal 

Raymond Rhatican

No Cap: Analyzing the Kansas Supreme Court’s Decision to Overturn Caps on Non-Economic Damages in Hilburn v. Enerpipe Ltd

Evan Weidner

A Little Overlap Never Hurt Anyone: Oracle America v. Google

BETR is also proud to announce the following student-written articles that were selected for publication as a white paper:

Martha Bradley

Historic Preservation Tax Credit Programs and the Damaging Effect of Uncertainty

Justin Brickey

The Government Travel Charge Card Program: An Unintended Burden on Our Most Vulnerable Service Members

Congratulations to all of the BETR Associate Members selected for publication this spring!