Board of Advocates Announces Barristers Inductees, Moot Court Winners

The School of Law’s Board of Advocates recently announced its 2017 inductees into The Order of Barristers, celebrating 10 graduating students who excel in advocacy.

This year’s inductees are:

Maikieta Brantley
Joseph Dumas
Sheaffer Fennessey
Miles Figg

Tamar Hodges
Jenna Homeyer
Alex Langley
Courtney Lauer
Theresa Mullineaux
Aaron Snipes

The Board of Advocates also announced the 2017 1L Moot Court Competition winners:

Top 1L Oral Advocate
Priscilla Nyankson

Top 10 Advocates
Callie Haslag
Cindy Bassett
Lo Patton
Rachel Mitchell
Allyson Brown
Grant Simon
Greta Bax
Heather Booth
Taylor Payne

Congratulations to these students!