Excellence in Legal Research Awards 2019

The Law Library and Advocacy & Research faculty recently announced the top finishers for the annual Excellence in Legal Research Awards. All first-year Mizzou Law students participated in a semester-long competition which included research tasks, continuing education events and a research capstone exercise.

The top finishers are:

Grand Champion – Overall: Joseph Shetler

Section 1A
1st place: Samuel Obscherning

2nd place: Douglas Mann

Section 1B
1st place: Tori Schafer
2nd place: Kelli Reichert

Section 1C
1st place: Claire Hawley
2nd place: Samantha Sweet

Section 2A
1st place: Jackson Gilkey
2nd place: Joseph Langworthy

Section 2B
1st place: Joseph Shetler
2nd place: Tyler Ludwig

Section 2C
1st place: Landon Miller
2nd place: Kevin Johnston