Featured Alumnus: Charles R. Wall

Charles R. Wall graduated from the University of Missouri Law School in 1970. During his third year, lawyers from Shook, Hardy & Bacon interviewed on campus and he accepted an associate position in the Kansas City office.
In 1990, Wall moved to New York to work at Altria Group and lived outside of Missouri for the first time since his undergraduate years at Grinnell College in Iowa.
During much of his time at Altria Group, he served as Senior Vice President and General Counsel later becoming Vice Chairman and General Counsel of Philip Morris International.
“My law school education fully prepared me for a wonderful and rewarding career,” he said. “In addition, I was fortunate to have outstanding mentors throughout that career. Later, I tried to help others just as much as I had been helped.”
Wall advises anyone thinking about going to law school to appreciate the importance of the legal profession to the community and the community’s expectations of the legal profession.
“While personally and professionally very rewarding, the practice of law is challenging, at times quite difficult and always a full-time commitment,” Wall said. “Set your sights and ambitions high and always maintain the high ethical standards the profession and the public expect. Be prepared to fail and to use those failures to make yourself a better lawyer.”
Wall encourages all lawyers to find ways to give back to their communities, not only as lawyers but as good citizens.
“Be thankful for the excellent legal education you receive from the University of Missouri School of Law, or another law school, and use it to benefit your clients and the larger community.
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