Featured Student Leader: Annabelle Attias

Annabelle Attias is a recent graduate from the Mizzou Law Class of 2020. She grew up in Kefar Sava, Israel, before moving to the United States in 2012 to attend the University of Missouri. While at Mizzou, Attias received a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies, which combined three minors she was passionate about – anthropology, neuroscience, and women’s and gender studies.

“I toured several law schools, but the collegiality at Hulston stood out to me,” Attias said. “Everyone was friendly and comfortable with each other.”

As a student at Mizzou Law, Attias became very involved with the dispute resolution programs. She is particularly interested in the intersections between dispute resolution and international business. Now, as a graduate, she plans to continue working in this field by helping professionals adapt to using the online tools available in optimizing their ability to aid parties with resolving disputes.

“Growing up, I have always been fascinated by traveling the world, learning about different cultures and lifestyles, and working with people from all walks of life,” Attias said. “Conflict is a part of human nature wherever we go, from interpersonal conflicts between individuals to macro-scale disputes between businesses and even nations. Business and alternative dispute resolution have gone hand in hand as far back as we know due to the adaptability and customization of these processes, which is why they have remained central during globalization and the emergence of new advancements and developments. The future will bring further improved laws and platforms for parties to learn about and utilize alternative dispute resolution methods on an international level. I want to take the knowledge and skills I learned at Mizzou to help parties better identify, understand, prevent, and resolve disputes with the most effective tools and methods available.”

Throughout her academic career, Attias has benefited from invaluable advice from many mentors and professors who have impacted her growth professionally and personally.

“My favorite part of the experience is the people with which I get to do it all,” Attias said. “Starting in classes during 1L, through South Africa, journal, and clinic, I met some of my best friends at Hulston. Professors and staff go above and beyond, not only to help with all academic and legal questions, but they are personally caring and kind. Then there are the clients that give us the opportunity to learn while doing meaningful work.”

For prospective students considering Mizzou Law, Attias recommends exploring the alternative dispute resolution courses and the experiential learning opportunities. She says that these courses offer the chance to learn practical skills from professors who are leaders in their fields.

In the future, Attias is excited to do more of that she loves: traveling, meeting new people, and learning about different parts of the world.

“I am looking forward with anticipation to when I will be able to go on the next adventure!”