Journal of Dispute Resolution announces editorial board for 2020-2021

Editorial Board for the Journal of Dispute Resolution for the 2020-2021 academic year:


Editor in Chief, Bryan Oliver

Associate Editor in Chief, Natasha Martinez

Managing Editor, Seth Christensen

Associate Managing Editor, Jarred Boyer

Associate Managing Editor, Yao Li

Senior Note and Comment Editor, Kevin Johnston

Note and Comment Editor, Eli Dodge

Note and Comment Editor, Noel Fisher

Note and Comment Editor, Phil Stelzer

Lead Articles Editor, Jaden Banks

Layout and Design Editor, Austin Davis

Web Editor, Savannah Austin

“These individuals have worked very hard over the course of this year, and their elevation to Board status is well deserved. Upon graduation, the 3Ls of the current Board are confident leaving the Journal in this new Board’s capable hands.” – Zaina Afrassiab