Mizzou Law Board of Advocates Chairman Election

The University of Missouri School of Law Board of Advocates has elected Don Quinn as the 2019-2020 Chairman. Former Chairman, Khris Johnson-Deloatch, ’19, handed over the gavel to Quinn on May 17.
Quinn comes to Mizzou Law with leadership experience, having served in the U.S. Army during Operation Iraqi Freedom and owning a small business. As chairman, Don Quinn will lead a team of 12 directors and 13 associates in creating and implementing advocacy programs within the law school and through student participation in regional and national competitions.  
“I am passionate about advocacy and believe in the power of mentorship to help students enhance their skills,” he said. “This year, we will be implementing a mentorship program, increasing participation, and working to position MU Law as an advocacy giant within the community.” 
About the Board of Advocates 
The BOA promotes and encourages advocacy among first, second and third-year law students. The BOA achieves this mission by facilitating mentorship and encouraging participation in competitions that allow for the practical application of legal skills. Along with legal clinics offered by the University of Missouri School of Law, the BOA creates opportunities for law students to round out their legal education and to better prepare for careers as advocates.