Multicultural Law Student Association (MLSA) Hosts Deputy Consul of the Mexican Consulate in Kansas City

On September 18, the Mexican Consulate in Kansas City visited the University of Missouri School of Law. The Multicultural Law Student Association (MLSA), in conjunction with the Career Services Office, celebrated Mexican Independence with traditional sweets during a meet and greet with consular staff.

During the visit, Deputy Consul Lee Wong-Medina conducted an information session for law students focused on services the Mexican consulate provides to the United States Midwest region. The presentation discussed current trade flows between Mexico and the United States. For instance, in 2018 the state of Missouri exported 98 percent of its corn to Mexico.[1]

Deputy Consul Wong also discussed the direct consular services provided to Mexican nationals residing within the jurisdiction of Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma. These services include documentation assistance, consulate protective services, and community outreach. Some of the primary consulate protective services include assistance to detainees under custody of immigration or law enforcement authorities and labor rights assistance. Ultimately, the presentation aimed to expose law students to the legal resources available through the Mexican consulate in the Midwest United States.

[1] Steven Zahniser, et al., U.S. Department of AGRICULTURE, THE Growing Corn Economies of Mexico and the United States 4 (2019).