New book includes papers from Mizzou Law alumni and faculty

A new book, Legal Responses to COVID-19 Around the World, is a collection of papers from 50 countries (6 continents) about the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economy, employment, contracts, business, people’s income, health, courts and dispute resolution systems. The book’s purpose is to allow current and future generations to find, in one place, information about the legal responses from around the world to the pandemic.

One of the editors for the book is Flavia Fragale Martins Pepino, a federal labor judge in Brazil, who earned an LLM in dispute resolution from Mizzou Law in 2005, and then returned to earn an LLM in American Law in 2019. The book includes papers from Mizzou Law faculty and LLM alumni. The faculty contributors are John Lande, Isidor Loeb Professor Emeritus of Law, and S.I. Strong, a former Mizzou Law faculty member, now an associate professor of law at the University of Sydney in Australia. The Mizzou Law alumni contributors are Brian Chihera, LLM ’19, providing two articles about South Africa; Elizabeth Kaganda, LLM ’19, writing about Tanzania; Jose Alberto Ramirez Leon, LLM ’05, writing about Venezuela, and Maria Elena Jara Vasquez, LLM ’04, writing about Ecuador.

On December 18, several contributors participated in a webinar to share their papers. It is available for viewing on YouTube. The book is currently available on Amazon.