Pro Bono Estate Planning Program for Boone County Residents

The University of Missouri School of Law will partner with the MU Family Impact Center to provide free estate planning services to residents from Boone County and surrounding areas this winter through the Mizzou Law Pro Bono Estate Planning Program.

Ten current Mizzou Law students, under the supervision of Adjunct Associate Professor Cynthia Barchet, a local practitioner, will meet with potential clients who seek estate-planning services on the evenings of February 4, 5 and 6. Students will prepare uncomplicated wills with an emphasis on persons who have minor children. All services will be free of charge.

Those interested in participating in the Mizzou Law Pro Bono Estate Planning Program should contact Jennifer Riedy Clark, director of public interest programs at the School of Law, at 573-882-0940, or the Family Impact Center at 573-882-2428, to complete an application intake sheet. Selected applicants will be contacted to set up an appointment.

The program allows eligible area residents to receive estate planning information and services through individual consultations and document preparation, while allowing Mizzou Law students to gain and hone their legal skills, and exposing them to the importance of pro bono work.

The Mizzou Law Pro Bono Estate Planning Program was able to provide estate planning documents for 20 clients last year, with the goal of assisting another 20 clients in 2019.