Professor Amy J. Schmitz presented on “Empowerment through E-Courts & Public Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)

As part of the Global Legal Forum August 14 to 16 at the Hague, Netherlands.  This was part of one of the largest international law gatherings exploring intersections of technology and law.  For her part, Professor Schmitz was asked to present as one of the leading scholars regarding Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) in the world.  This comes on the heels of several publications on ODR, including her book with Colin Rule, THE NEW HANDSHAKE:  ONLINE DISPUTE RESOLUTION AND THE FUTURE OF CONSUMER PROTECTION, and her recent articles Expanding Access to Remedies through E-Court Initiatives, 67 BUFFALO L. REV. 101-173 (2019), A Blueprint for Online Dispute Resolution System Design, 21 NO. 7 J. INTERNET L. 3 – 11 (2018), and There’s an “App” for That: Developing Online Dispute Resolution to Empower Economic Development, 32 NOTRE DAME J. L. ETHICS & PUB. POL’Y 1 – 45 (2018) to name a few