Professor Lietzan Collaborates on Compassionate Use Research in France and the U.S.

Professor Erika Lietzan is spending six weeks in France at the invitation of the Centre de Recherche sur le Droit International des Marchés et des Investissements (CREDIMI) at Université de Bourgogne.

At the end of November, she attended a colloquium at the French Supreme Court concerning the rights of children with anonymous biological parents (due to sperm or egg donation) to learn the identities of those parents. She is now visiting at the Université de Bourgogne, which is in Dijon, for the month of December, and recently taught a class of French law students about the role of “fundamental rights” in U.S. food and drug law.  She and a colleague at the CREDIMI are also collaborating on a research project comparing “compassionate use” (right to try) in France and the United States.