Professor Reuben: Study Should Start a Bigger Conversation About Mindfulness in Legal Education

In a recent article, Ahead of the Curve: Measuring Mindfulness in Law School, Professor Richard Reuben talked about the empirical study that he and Mizzou psychology professor Kennon Sheldon conducted in 2013 about mindfulness in the law school context. The study, titled, “Can Mindfulness Help Law Students With Stress, Focus, and Well-Being? An Empirical Study of 1Ls at a Midwestern Law School,” appears in the Southwestern Law Review.

Professor Reuben says that “it’s a single study at a single law school, but the findings should start a bigger conversation about mindfulness in legal education.”

The Mizzou Law Student-Faculty Relations Committee and the Academic Success Program are offering a free four-week training in mindfulness in November, just before final exams for the fall semester.