Student works selected for publication in the Spring and Summer issues of the Missouri Law Review

The 2019-2020 Editorial Board is proud to announce that the following student works were selected for publication in the Spring and Summer issues of the Missouri Law Review. Please join us in congratulating these wonderful authors!

Spring (Vol. 85, Issue 2)

Jackson Gilkey, Multi-Party Joinder and Venue: How Missouri Is Acting Against Historic Procedural Law Principles in an Effort to Curb Forum Shopping

Abigail Greene, Compliance Issues: The Supreme Court’s Confusing Messages to Municipalities

Claire Hawley, The Slow-Me State: The Emergence of Internet Sales Taxation and Missouri’s Anomalous Response

Maddie McMillian, Missouri Legislature Revises State Court’s Discovery Rules

Calla Mears, Risk of Choking to Death on One’s Own Blood Is Not Cruel and Unusual Punishment: How the Eighth Amendment Has Lost Its Meaning in Method-of-Execution Challenges

Summer (Vol. 85, Issue 3)

Alexander Brown, The Unappealing Nature of Guilty Plea Agreements: Johnson’s Restrictions on Appeals of Intellectual Disabilities

Zeb Charlton, A Judicial Balancing Act: Evaluating the First Amendment Claims of Sitting Judges

Michael Figenshau, The Diminishing Dominion of Expert Opinion: Missouri’s Imposition of the Ultimate Rule Issue in Criminal Cases

Luke Hawley, Twenty-Nine Photographs and the Deterioration of the Missouri Relevance Rule

Tyler Ludwig, Out for Blood: The Expansion of Exigent Circumstances and Erosion of the Fourth Amendment

Lindsey Wilkerson, Out of ‘Site: Can Government Officials Block Their Constituents on Social Media?