Kenneth D. Dean Publications

Academic Journals

A Tribute to Governor Mel Carnahan, 66 MISSOURI LAW REVIEW 263 (2001)

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Equitable Estoppel against the Government – The Missouri Experience: Time to Rethink the Concept, 37 SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY LAW JOURNAL 63 (1992)

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Legislative Veto of Administrative Rules in Missouri: A Constitutional Virus, 57 MISSOURI LAW REVIEW 1157 (1992)

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The Dillon Rule — A Limit on Local Government Powers, 41 MISSOURI LAW REVIEW 546 (1976).

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Other Publications

Report of the Missouri Bar Alternative Billing Methods Committee, (September 15, 2003)

Professional Journals

Information Sharing with Law Schools – One Dean’s Perspective, 71 THE BAR EXAMINER 15 (2002)

Models for Organizing Law School CLE Programs, 4 CLE JOURNAL 23 (ALI-ABA)(2001)