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The University of Missouri School of Law has a history of educating students to become outstanding lawyers, judges, public servants, business leaders and entrepreneurs. It strives to be the school of choice for those seeking the finest legal education for a reasonable price. The Law School and its supporters are constantly seeking opportunities to address challenges facing the school, develop areas of excellence to position the school for the future and build on its strengths. The school’s long-term goal is to establish a national and international reputation as one of the premier state law schools while continuing to train lawyers for practice in the state of Missouri.

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Joe Swanegan
Joe Swanegan

Assistant Executive Director


Scholarships to Recruit Outstanding Students

The University of Missouri wants the best and brightest students to study at its law school. In order to attract those students, we must increase the number and size of our scholarship offerings. A large scholarship endowment will enable us to offer enhanced tuition assistance to high-achieving applicants.

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Veterans Clinic

Launched in 2014, the Veterans Clinic helps veterans and their families secure disability benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Law students under the direction of Professor Angela Drake staff this free clinic. Student work is done at all claim levels, and experienced faculty supervise students at each step. The clinic course includes a weekly lecture on the substantive law relating to veterans’ benefits, followed by work with actual veteran files. Students learn a host of practical skills, including law firm management, client interviewing and counseling, problem solving, legal theory development, negotiation, data collection, witness statements, medical records analysis, appellate brief writing and argument.

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Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic

The Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic was launched in 2015 to provide opportunities for students to work with small and start-up business clients. The clinic assists members of the university and mid-Missouri communities seeking to start businesses by providing supervised legal services involving entity planning and formation, governance issues, employee issues, intellectual property analysis, governmental regulations and contract drafting.

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Centers of Excellence – Center for Intellectual Property & Entrepreneurship

American law schools are beginning to develop areas of emphasis to attract students, financial support and employers for their graduates. For example, the University of Missouri School of Law is known for its Center for the Study of Dispute Resolution. But it also has strengths that can be enhanced with additional funding to become centers of excellence that will improve our ability to attract the best students and faculty to Columbia. Certain law school faculty members are nationally known for their expertise in intellectual property law and others for their teaching skills relating to the formation and operation of business entities. The school is building on those strengths by creating a new Center for Intellectual Property & Entrepreneurship to enhance the study of intellectual property, entrepreneurial and corporate law. Your gift could help establish professorships, increase course offerings and fund research and scholarship.

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Centers of Excellence – Center for the Study of Dispute Resolution

The Center for the Study of Dispute Resolution (CSDR) develops and promotes 1) appropriate methods for understanding, managing and resolving domestic and international conflict; and 2) the use of dispute resolution techniques to enhance informed decision making. Since its inception, the CSDR has provided national leadership in developing law school curricula in dispute resolution. It also provides many learning opportunities for upper-level students.

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Family Violence Clinic

In the Family Violence Clinic, students represent indigent victims of domestic abuse. They gain valuable experience working in trial courts on matters such as clemency petitions for victims, as well as drafting and lobbying for legislation affecting abused women, children and families.

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Faculty Development

The MU Law faculty comprises outstanding teachers and scholars with national and international reputations:

  • Scholarship by the MU Law faculty has been cited by all levels of the federal courts — including the United States Supreme Court — as well as by the legislatures and supreme courts of several states.
  • The faculty consistently ranks high in studies measuring scholarly productivity and impact.
  • More than 10 casebooks by MU Law faculty members are used in law schools throughout the United States.
  • The MU Law faculty boasts a number of award-winning teachers.
  • Our faculty serve as Commissioners of the National Conference on Uniform State Law, as officers of the Association of American Law Schools, as State Supreme Court Fellows, as Fulbright Scholars and as members of the American Law Institute.

Your gift will strengthen MU Law’s ability to attract and retain the highly regarded faculty who make our students’ success possible.

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