Featured Alumni

Featured LLM Alumna: Lilja Bjarnadóttir

A couple of years after graduating with a BA and an MA in Law with an emphasis in antitrust law from Reykjavik University, Lilja Bjarnadóttir came to Mizzou Law as a member of the LLM Class of 2015.

Featured Alumna: Brittany Barrientos

Brittany Barrientos, ’09, is now a partner with Stinson LLP in Kansas City, Missouri where she practices environmental law and focuses on environmental and safety compliance work. She is originally from Bastrop, Texas and remained in her home state to get a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Texas Tech University. However, when Barrientos first arrived in Columbia to tour the law school, she fell in love with the Midwest.

Featured Alumnus: Alvin Rohrs

Alvin Rohrs is a Class of ’82 graduate of the University of Missouri School of Law and a leading expert on entrepreneurship, social impact, free enterprise and acceleration leadership. He spearheaded the national and global growth of the Springfield-based educational nonprofit, Enactus, where more than 800,000 student leaders at more than 1700 universities in 36 countries made a sustainable entrepreneurial change that helped more than 18 million people improve their livelihoods.

Featured Alumnus: Art Hinshaw

Although Art Hinshaw wasn’t born in Columbia, he has grown to see it as his home. In addition to spending grades 6 through 10 in town, Hinshaw received both his JD and LLM from Mizzou Law and in turn, worked at the law school while serving as an adjunct professor. His time at Mizzou led him into a career in legal academia during which he has served as an adjunct professor of law at Washington University School of Law, and a visiting professor of law at Hamline University School of Law. In 2004, Hinshaw joined the faculty of the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University where he acts as director of the Lodestar Dispute Resolution Program and a clinical professor of law.

Featured Alumnus: Don Downing

After graduating from the University of Missouri in 1979 with a bachelor’s degree in Economics, Don M. Downing decided to continue his education, entering Mizzou’s School of Law. He knew that he would want to practice in Missouri and decided Mizzou would be the best place to make long-lasting connections.

Featured Alumnus: David Radunsky

David Radunsky began his legal studies at Mizzou in the fall of 1968. He loved law school and studying law, which developed into a desire to teach. In a discussion about his potential teaching career, Dean Willard Eckhart explained that the “modern” career track was to practice for a couple of years before seeking a teaching position. A discussion with Professor Hal Bateman, who had practiced in Dallas before joining the Mizzou faculty, led Radunsky to apply to the leading business law firms in Dallas. He got an interview and a job offer followed.

Featured Alumni: Greene County Prosecutor’s Office

This month’s Featured Alumni piece is a special two-part interview with the Greene County Prosecutor’s Office in Springfield, Missouri. Of their 42 attorneys, 23 are Mizzou Law graduates including two recent additions Heather Booth and Cat Cojocaru. Here, they tell us about their time at MU Law and provide advice for prospective, current and graduated students. Read part two here.

Featured Alumnus: Jeffrey McCarther

For Assistant United States Attorney Jeffrey McCarther, choosing Mizzou Law was a homecoming of sorts. After going to Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, to study economics for undergrad, McCarther was ready to return home. Though the pull of staying around Chicago was strong, McCarther knew he wanted to eventually reside in his native Kansas City.

Featured Alumna: Larissa Tiller

Class of 2019 graduate Larissa Tiller recently accepted a position in the U.S. Coast Guard Direct Commission Lawyer program. She will begin officer’s training in New London, Connecticut, and then continue to the Naval Justice School in Newport, Rhode Island. “I went to law school because I wanted to serve as an attorney in the military,” Tiller said. 

Featured Alumnus: Roger Baron

Roger Baron was born in raised in Jefferson City, Missouri and graduated from the University of Missouri School of Law in 1976. Fresh out of school, he began his career working as a staff attorney with the Missouri Public Service Commission back in his home town. After practicing in Missouri for nine years, Baron decided to move to Texas where…

Featured Alumna: Tamar Hodges

Although a St. Louis native, Tamar Hodges was living in Atlanta and working as a registered nurse at a Level 1 trauma center when she decided to pursue a JD. Hodges wanted to work in healthcare in a new way – by guiding medical professionals and organizations through complex healthcare regulatory issues. However, as Hodges began looking at law schools,…

Featured Alumna: Paulette Mueller

Paulette Mueller graduated from MU Law in 1980 and has practiced family, probate and guardianship law in Texas since 1981. Mueller was born in Jackson, Mo. in 1953 to MU Law Class of 1950 graduates Paul and Marybelle Mueller. She has had a fruitful career as an attorney and now practices at Underwood Perkins, PC in Dallas, Texas, serving as…

Featured Alumnus: Charles R. Wall

Charles R. Wall graduated from the University of Missouri Law School in 1970. During his third year, lawyers from Shook, Hardy & Bacon interviewed on campus and he accepted an…

Featured Alumnus: Mark Shank

Mark Shank graduated from Mizzou Law School in 1979 and immediately started practice in Osage Beach, Mo., a very small town, and where he grew up. From a small town…