How will Mizzou Law faculty, staff, and students communicate with me?

  • The primary method for communicating with students is through a student’s Mizzou e-mail address (
  • If you are not receiving regular notices from Mizzou Law to your university e-mail account, there is a problem.  Contact Scott Greathouse for assistance (573-882-8302 or send an email).
  • If you choose to opt-out of the Mizzou Law list serves, you are not excused from the knowledge of the content of any notices sent out on an official Mizzou Law e-mail list serve.
  • Notices are also often posted on the law school calendar, located on Mizzou Law’s website.
  • Daily notices are generally posted on the digital signs inside the library and outside of room 103.
  • In some situations, information may be placed in student mailboxes.
  • When time does not permit sufficient e-mail notice, such as a late class cancellation, notices may be placed on the entrance doors to Hulston Hall.
  • Every Thursday, you will receive an e-mail from the dean’s office advising you of law school events for the following two weeks.
    • If you wish to have a student organization’s event posted on the law school calendar, please fill out the request form.

How will I receive emergency notices?

  • The law school participates in the campus Emergency Mass Notification System (MU ALERTS). Enrollment in this system is voluntary. Students who do not enroll in this system may not receive important emergency notices.
    • Participants receive notification to their university e-mail, to any secondary e-mail indicated, and/or as a text message to their cell phones. If you have declined an official university e-mail account, you will not receive an emergency notification.
    • You can sign up for this notification system, and updated outdated information, in myZou (see the link in the left-hand menu after you log on).
  • The emergency notification system within the law school will be used only in the event of a true emergency within our building, and to notify of the closure of the law school due to weather or other emergency. The system will be tested once in the fall and once in the spring, with notice.
  • The law school has developed an evacuation plan to be followed in case of fire or other emergency. The plan is located here.

Where can student organizations post signs?

  • Posters, signs, announcements or notices of any kind are prohibited on the brickwork, pillars, walls, classroom and restroom doors in the building.
  • Students and groups may place notices on the student bulletin boards or student office areas.
  • Temporary, small (8 ½” x 11”), important notices may be placed on the middle entrance doors – but no sooner than two days in advance of an event. All permitted signs must be removed immediately after the event.
  • Do not use duct tape, masking tape or packing tape to post these notices.
  • Removable tape is the only type of approved tape. Room 103 and 203 have removable tape available for posting.