Employment Statistics

If you choose to attend the University of Missouri School of Law, the Career Development Office will assist you in planning your career, developing your professional skills, and utilizing effective job search strategies. We are proud to help our students and graduates find meaningful career opportunities across the state, the country and the world. Our alumni practice law throughout Missouri, in 50 states, and in 23 foreign countries.  You will find them in a wide variety of employment settings, including law firms, government, academia, the judiciary, business, and public service.

Making an Informed Decision

If you are considering attending the University of Missouri School of Law, we want you to have access to relevant data to permit you to make an informed choice.  Law school is an investment in your future that requires time, money and commitment.  In return, you will have the opportunity to learn a wide range of skills that will prepare you for a legal career, but that are also valued in a wide range of other professions.   Before making the decision to attend any law school, we recommend that you carefully consider your reasons for doing so, the investment required, and the expected outcomes.

Reported Employment Statistics

In compliance with guidelines established by the American Bar Association (“ABA”), the body that accredits and oversees law schools, each year we gather employment data for our most recent graduates, and report this information to the ABA. In recent years, the ABA has implemented more detailed reporting requirements, a change welcomed by the University of Missouri School of Law. We believe that these additional requirements are essential for prospective students in determining whether to attend law school and in assessing which law school best fits their objectives. Due to these changes, however, you will notice that the information reported for each class is slightly different.

Because we receive starting salary data from only a small percentage of our graduates, we are unable to provide valid and accurate salary information. Therefore, we have chosen not to report starting salary data specific to our graduates. The Association for Legal Career Professionals, commonly known as NALP, collects starting salary data from all its member law schools and generates reports based on that larger data pool. Among other things, NALP provides reports on median and mean salaries geographically and by type of employer. Salary reports are available on NALP’s website. View the 2018 National Summary Report.

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