LLM Alumni and Student Publications

Cynthia J. Alkon

Associate Professor
Texas A&M University School of Law

BA magna cum laude (1985), San Francisco State University
JD (1990), University of California, Hastings College of Law
LLM (2002), University of Missouri

  • Plea Bargaining as a Legal Transplant: A Good Idea for Troubled Criminal Justice Systems?, 19 JOURNAL OF TRANSNATIONAL LAW AND CONTEMPORARY PROBLEMS 355 (2010).
  • The Increased Use of ‘Reconciliation’ in Criminal Cases in Central Asia: A Sign of Restorative Justice, Reform or Cause for Concern?, 8 PEPPERDINE DISPUTE RESOLUTION LAW JOURNAL 41 (2007).
  • Women Labor Arbitrators: Women Members of the National Academy of Arbitrators Speak About the Barriers of Entry into the Field, 6 APPALACHIAN JOURNAL OF LAW 195 (2007).
  • The Cookie Cutter Syndrome: Legal Reform Assistance Under Post-Communist Democratization Programs, 2002 JOURNAL OF DISPUTE RESOLUTION 327.

John T. Blankenship

Senior Partner
Blankenship & Blankenship, Murfreesboro, Tenn.

BS (1973), Middle Tennessee State University
JD (1977), University of Tennessee
LLM (2008), University of Missouri

  • Isomorphism of Construction Arbitration: the Key to Its Prevention and Reversal, 65 DISPUTE RESOLUTION JOURNAL 114, (May-October 2010)
  • The Vitality of the Opening Statement in Mediation:  A Jumping-Off Point to Consider the Process of Mediation, 9 APPALACHIAN JOURNAL OF LAW 165 (2010).
  • Developing Your ADR Attitude: A Template for Adaptive ADR, 42 TENNESSEE BAR JOURNAL 28 (Nov. 2006).

Andrea B. Braeutigam

BA (1998), University of Washington, Seattle
JD cum laude (2002), Oklahoma City University School of Law
LLM (2005), University of Missouri

  • What I Hear You Writing Is … Issues in ODR: Building Trust and Rapport in a Text-Based Environment, 38 UNIVERSITY OF TOLEDO LAW REVIEW 101 (2006).
  • Fusses That Fit Online: Online Mediation in Non-Commercial Contexts, 5 APPALACHIAN JOURNAL OF LAW 275 (2006).

Roger L. Carter

Managing and Supervising Partner
Carter Law Firm, PC, Sioux City, Ia.

BA (1976), JD with high distinction (1979), University of Iowa
LLM (2002), University of Missouri

  • Oh Ye of Little [Good] Faith: Questions, Concerns and Commentary on Efforts to Regulate Participant Conduct in Mediations, 2002 JOURNAL OF DISPUTE RESOLUTION 367.

Andrew Gange

Staff Mediator and ADR Assistant Coordinator, Circuit Court for Baltimore County, Towson, Md.

BA (2005), Indiana University
JD (2008), Vermont Law School
LLM (2009), University of Missouri

  • Recent Developments in International Commercial Arbitration, DISPUTE RESOLUTION MAGAZINE (Fall 2009) (with Lorraine M. Brennan and Russ Bleemer)
  • Temple Dean Addresses Diversity Task Force, 27 ALTERNATIVES TO HIGH COST LITIG. 144 (Sept. 2009) (with Hilary Kromnick).
  • Sonia On Settling: The New Justice Emphasizes Agreement, 27 ALTERNATIVES TO HIGH COST LITIG. 138 (Sept. 2009)

Jeff Goldfien

Kaiser Permanente, Santa Clara, Calif.
Private practice, law and dispute resolution

AB (1981), University of California, Berkeley
JD with honors (1988), University of San Francisco
LLM (2005), University of Missouri

  • What If the Lawyers Have Their Way? An Empirical Assessment of Conflict Strategies and Attitudes Toward Mediation Styles, 22 OHIO STATE JOURNAL ON DISPUTE RESOLUTION 277 (2007) (with Jennifer Robbennolt).
  • Arguing for the Eclectic: Personality and the Legal Profession, 10 LEWIS & CLARK LAW REVIEW 187 (2006)
  • Negotiated Rulemaking and The Public Interest, 5 JOURNAL OF AMERICAN ARBITRATION 81 (2006). This paper received an honorable mention in the James Boskey Dispute Resolution Essay Competition sponsored by the American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution.
  • Thou Shalt Love Thy Neighbor:  RLUIPA and the Mediation of Religious Land Use Disputes, 2006 JOURNAL OF DISPUTE RESOLUTION 435.

Martha Halvordson

Legal Auditor, Litigation Services
AIG, Kansas City, MO
BS (1980), JD (1983), University of Tulsa
LLM (2008), University of Missouri

  • Employment Arbitration: A Closer Look, JOURNAL OF THE MISSOURI BAR (July/August 2008).

Michael Hanagan

Hanagan & Dousman Attorneys at Law, Mt. Vernon, Ill.
AB cum laude (1973), Regis University
JD (1976), St. Louis University
LLM (2003), University of Missouri

  • If You Lose, It Is Binding, but if You Win – They Get a New Trial:  Illinois Uninsured Motorist Arbitration, 2005 JOURNAL OF DISPUTE RESOLUTION 93.

Art Hinshaw

Director, Lodestar Dispute Resolution Program
Clinical Professor of Law
Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law Arizona State University
BA (1988), Washington University
JD (1993), LLM (2000), University of Missouri

  • Gender and Attorney Negotiator Ethics, 39 WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY JOURNAL OF LAW AND POLICY 145 (2012) (with Jess K. Alberts)
  • Doing the Right Thing: An Empirical Study of Attorney Negotiation Ethics, 16 HARVARD NEGOTIATION LAW REVIEW 95.
  • Mediators as Mandatory Reporters of Child Abuse: Preserving Mediation’s Core Values, 34 FLORIDA STATE LAW REVIEW 271 (2007).
  • How Do We Know That Training Works?, 12 DISPUTE RESOLUTION MAGAZINE 21 (Fall 2005) (with Roselle L. Wissler)
  • The Challenge of Institutionalizing Alternative Dispute Resolution: Attorney Perspectives on the Effect of Rule 17 on Civil Litigation in Missouri, 67 MISSOURI LAW REVIEW 1 (2002) (with Bobbi McAdoo).

Pablo M. Ipiña

Attorney at Law
Ipiña Nagel Abogados, La Paz, Bolivia
LLB (1999), The Bolivian Catholic University
LLM (2001), Tulane University
LLM (2002), University of Missouri

  • Bolivian Gas Nationalization: Negotiation v. Arbitration, 1 WORLD ARBITRATION AND MEDIATION REVIEW 193 (2007).

Brian Jarrett

Assistant Professor of Justice
University of Alaska Fairbanks
BA Honors (1985), Simon Fraser University
LLB (1988), University of British Columbia
LLM (2001), University of Missouri
PhD (2006), University of Hawaii

  • Beauty and the Beast: Mediating Claims of Sexual Harassment, 7 RUTGERS CONFLICT RES. L. J. 1 (2010).
  • Resolving Discrimination Disputes in Higher Education: Qualitative Field Research At The University of Hawaii, 6 APPALACHIAN JOURNAL OF LAW 219 (2007).
  • Mediators as “Neutrals”: A Case of Contested Identity. Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Hawaii (2006).
  • Script for Documentary, “Land of Exodus and Beauty: Population Exchange in Turkey: 1922-1924.” Vancouver:  Bahar Image Productions Inc. (2006). (with film producer, Bahar Cinarli)
  • Resolving Discrimination Disputes in Higher Education: Qualitative Field Research at the University of Hawaii. PCR Working  Paper Series (2005).
  • Mediation Orientations, in BEYOND IMPASSE: ADVANCED NEGOTIATION SKILLS (Karla Gonzalez ed., 2005).

Jiaqi Liang

Visiting Assistant Professor of Public Administration
New Mexico State University
B Law (2006), Guangdong University of Business Studies
LLM (2007), MPA (2009), University of Missouri
PhD (2014), American University

  • The Enforcement of Mediation Settlement Agreements in China, THE AMERICAN REVIEW OF INTERNATIONAL ARBITRATION, Volume 19, Nos. 3-4.

Lynn Malley

Creative Conflict Management Resources
BA (1973), Rockhurst College, KC
JD (1984), MA (2000), LLM (2003), University of Missouri

  • Improving College Education of Veterans, co-authored with Charles Hopkins, Douglas Herrmann, Roland B. Wilson, Bert Allen (2010).
  • Enhancing Worldwide Understanding through Online Dispute Resolution: The Role of Competitions in Helping Students and Teachers Bond Across Cultures, 38 UNIVERSITY OF TOLEDO LAW REVIEW 361 (2006).

Lawrence P. McLellan

Judge, District 5C of Iowa
BA summa cum laude (1979), JD with honors (1983), Drake University
LLM (2006), Univerity of Missouri

  • Expanding the Use of Collaborative Law: Consideration of its Use in a Legal Aid Program for Resolving Family Law Disputes, 2008 JOURNAL OF DISPUTE RESOLUTION 465.

Michael A. Moroni

BA (1980), MA (1986), Southeast Missouri State University
JD (1989), Southern Illinois University
LLM (2009), University of Missouri

  • The Missouri Workers Compensation Legal Advisor System: Can It Be Resurrected Under the New Law?, SIU LAW JOURNAL (2009).

LoValerie Mullins

National Mediation Board, Washington, DC
BA (1990), MA (1991), University of Louisville
JD (2006), Appalachian School of Law
LLM (2007), University of Missouri

  • Employees Losing Power, Losing Jobs:  Making the Case for Mediating Power in the Era of Buy-Ins and Bailouts, 10 PEPPERDINE DISP. RESOL. L.J. 523 (2010).
  • The Equity Illusion of Surface Ownership in Coalbed Methane Gas; The Rise of Mutual Simultaneous Rights in Mineral Law and the Resulting Need for Dispute Resolution in Split Estate Relations, 16 MISSOURI ENVIRONMENTAL LAW AND POLICY REVIEW 109 (2009).

Brian A. Pappas

Associate Clinical Professor of Law and Associate Director, ADR Program
Michigan State University College of Law
BA (2000), MPP (2003), University of Michigan
JD (2005), Wayne State University
LLM (2008), University of MissourI
PhD (2015), University of Kansas

  • Contributor (“Vacatur of Arbitration Awards on Public Policy Grounds”) to Frank Elkouri & Edna Asper Elkouri, HOW ARBITRATION WORKS, (ed.-in-chief, Alan Ruben), ABA Section of Labor & Employment Law, BNA Books, 7th Ed. (anticipated publication, 2008).
  • ONLINE COURT:  Online Dispute Resolution and the Future of Small Claims, 2008 UCLA JOURNAL OF LAW & TECHNOLOGY 1.
  • Confidentiality in Mediation:  A Reality Check for the Process, LACHES (May 2008), the Journal of the Oakland (Michigan) County Bar Association; ADR QUARTERLY (April 2008), the State Bar of Michigan’s ADR Section Newsletter (with Christopher J. Webb).

Donna L. Pavlick

Assistant Dean for Academic Life
Vanderbilt Law School
BS (1974), JD (1985), University of Pittsburgh
MA (1979), University of Northern Colorado
LLM (2000), PhD (2008), University of Missouri

  • Summary of Damages, 2004 JOURNAL OF DISPUTE RESOLUTION 11.
  • Apology & Mediation: The Horse & Carriage of the Twenty-first Century, 18 OHIO STATE JOURNAL ON DISPUTE RESOLUTION 829 (2003). An excerpt appears in Jacqueline Nolan-Haley, et al., INTERNATIONAL CONFLICT RESOLUTION: CONSENSUAL ADR PROCESSES. 163-165 (2005).

Lowell Pearson

Husch Blackwell, Jefferson City, MO
BS, magna cum laude (1981), University of Utah
JD (1984), Stanford Law School
LLM (2006), University of Missouri

  • The Case for Non-Party Discovery Under the Federal Arbitration Act, 59 DISPUTE RESOLUTION JOURNAL 46 (Aug.-Oct. 2004). This paper won the James Boskey Dispute Resolution Essay Competition sponsored by the American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution.

Flavia Fragale Martins Pepino

Labor Judge
The Labor Court of Brasilia, Brazil
LLB (1998), University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
LLM (2005), University of Missouri

  • Mediation and Reluctant Lawyers: Suggestions for Mediators’ Approaches, 5 APPALACHIAN JOURNAL OF LAW 241 (2006). 

Gerardo Pico

Administrative Law Judge, Office of Disability Adjudication and Review, Social Security Administration, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Adjunct Professor of Law, Inter American University of Puerto Rico School of Law
BBA (1989), University of Puerto Rico
JD (1992), Inter American University of Puerto Rico School of Law
LLM (2000), University of Missouri

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Arbitration in Puerto Rico, 5 APPALACHIAN JOURNAL OF LAW 263 (2006).

Van M. Pounds

BA (1977), Southeast Missouri State University
JD (1979), LLM (2002), University of Missouri

  • Promoting Truthfulness in Negotiations: A Mindful Approach, 40 WILLAMETTE LAW REVIEW 181 (2004).

Jose Alberto Ramirez

Executive Director
Arbitration and Mediation Center operated by Centro Integral de Justicia
JD (1999), Graduate Level (2004), Andres Bello Catholic University, Caracas, Venezuela
LLM (2005), University of Missouri

  • Why Further Development of ADR in Latin America Makes Sense: The Venezuelan Model, 2005 JOURNAL OF DISPUTE RESOLUTION 399.

J. Bradley Reich

Associate Professor
School of Business and Leadership, University of Puget Sound
BBA (1991), University of Iowa
JD (1994), Drake University
LLM (2001), University of Missouri

  • Caveat Vendor: Potential Progeny, Paternity, and Product Liability Online, 857 BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW 897 (2007) (with Dawn R. Swink).
  • Finally Admitting that “Good Faith” is a Bad Idea: A Call to Remove the Good Faith Requirement From Court-Ordered Mediation, MIDWEST ACADEMY OF LEGAL STUDIES IN BUSINESS (forthcoming 2006).
  • Getting the Skinny: Fat-Based Litigation is not a Legal Threat to Business, but it Should Be, 23 HOFSTRA LABOR & EMPLOYMENT LAW JOURNAL 345 (2006). This paper received the award  for the best paper published in any source in 2006 by the Midwest Academy of Legal Studies in Business.
  • Trust Your ‘Broker?: Suitability, Modern Portfolio Theory, and Expert Witnesses, 17 SAINT THOMAS LAW REVIEW 173 (2004) (with Roger W. Reinsch and Nauzer Balsara).
  • Show me the Truth…Show me the Proof…and Show me the Money!:  A Close Examination of the ABA’s “Mediator Credentialing and Quality Assurance” Proposal, 3 RUTGERS CONFLICT RESOLUTION LAW JOURNAL 1 (2004).
  • Is Court -Ordered Mediation Really “Alternative Dispute Resolution” or has it Become Just Another Step in the Litigation Process?, MIDWEST ACADEMY OF LEGAL STUDIES IN BUSINESS (2004).  This paper received the award for outstanding paper in the conference proceedings in 2004 by the Midwest Academy of Legal Studies in Business.
  • All the [Athletes] Are Equal, but Some Are More Equal than Others: An Objective Evaluation of Title IX’s Past, Present, and Recommendations for its Future, 108 PENN STATE LAW REVIEW 525 (2003).
  • The Continuing Evolution of Title IX Through the Eyes of a Neutral Researcher, INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SPORT (2003).
  • Attorney v. Client, Creating a Mechanism to Address Competing Process Interests in Lawyer Driven Mediation, 26 SOUTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY LAW JOURNAL 183 (2002).
  • A Call for Intellectual Honesty: A Response to the Uniform Mediation Act’s “Privilege Against Disclosure,” 2001 JOURNAL OF DISPUTE RESOLUTION 197.

Mary Ellen Reimund

Associate Professor of Law and Justice, Central Washington University
Program Director, Des Moines Center, Central Washington University
BS (1978), Bowling Green State University
MA (1987), JD (1987), Drake University
LLM (2000), University of Missouri

  • The Law and Restorative Justice: Friend or Foe? A Systemic Look at the Legal Issues in Restorative Justice, 53 DRAKE LAW REVIEW 667 (2005).
  • Confidentiality in Victim-Offender Mediation: A False Promise?, 2004 JOURNAL OF DISPUTE RESOLUTION 401.
  • Is Restorative Justice On A Collision Course With the Constitution?, 3 APPALACHIAN JOURNAL OF LAW 1 (2004).
  • Mediation in Criminal Justice: A Restorative Approach, 46 ADVOCATE (IDAHO BAR JOURNAL) 22 (May 2003).

Zain Satardien

Manager, Legal Services Division
International Trade Commission of South Africa
LLB (2005), LLM (2006), University of the Western Cape
LLM (2008), University of Missouri

  • South Africa’s International Trade Laws and its Guillotine Clause, MANCHESTER INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC LAW, Vol. 7, Issue 3 (2010).

Daxton R. “Chip” Stewart

Associate Dean and Associate Professor
Bob Schieffer College of Communication, Texas Christian University
BA magna cum laude, with honors (1994), Southern Methodist University
JD (1998), University of Texas School of Law
MA summa cum laude (2004), PhD. (2009), University of Missouri School of Journalism
LLM (2007), University of Missouri School of Law

  • Can I Use This Photo I Found on Facebook?  Applying Copyright Law and Fair Use Analysis to Photographs on Social Networking Sites Republished for News Reporting Purposes, 10 JOURNAL ON TELECOMMUNICATIONS AND HIGH TECHNOLOGY LAW 93 (2012),
  • Let The Sunshine In, Or Else: An Examination Of The “Teeth” Of State And Federal Open Meetings And Open Records Laws, 15 COMMUNICATION LAW AND POLICY 265 (2010).
  • Designing A Public Access Ombuds Office: A Case Study Of Virginia’s Freedom Of Information Advisory Council, 9 APPALACHIAN JOURNAL OF LAW 217 (2010).
  • The Promise of Arbitration: Can it Succeed in Journalism as it Has in Other Businesses?, 6 APPALACHIAN JOURNAL OF LAW 135 (2006).

Gil Marvel P. Tabucanon

BA magna cum laude (1983), University of the Philippines-Tacloban
LLB, (1987), University of San Carlos
LLM (2006), University of Missouri
PhD candidate, Macquarie University

  • Philippine Community Mediation, Katarungang Pambarangay, 2008 JOURNAL OF DISP. RESOL. 501 (with Center Senior Fellow James A. Wall, Jr. and Wan Yan)

Janet M. Thompson

Boone County District II (Northern) Commissioner
Boone County Commission, Columbia, Missouri
AB with honors (1978), MA (1980), JD (1984), LLM (2002), University of Missouri

  • It Need Not Be ‘The War of the Roses’, PRECEDENT, (Summer 2009).
  • Election Observers As Mediators: Who and What is An Intermediary? A Lesson for Mediation Theorists, FORDHAM URBAN LAW JOURNAL 77 (2001).

Carol Van Sambeek

BA (1971) Southwest Missouri State University
JD order of the coif (1974), Washington University
LLM (2005), University of Missouri

  • The Four Corners Approach to Judging the Enforceability of Arbitration Agreements, Which Waive Statutory Rights to Litigate Employment Discrimination Claims, 5 APPALACHIAN JOURNAL OF LAW 247 (2006).

Shuo “Derek” Wang

LLB (2010) Huazhong University of Science and Technology
LLM (2011), University of Missouri

Paula M. Young

Appalachian School of Law
AB (1978), JD (1982), Washington University
LLM (2003), University of Missouri

  • Teaching Professional Ethics to Lawyers and Mediators Using Active Learning Techniques, 40 SOUTHWESTERN LAW REVIEW 127 (2010).
  • A Connecticut Mediator in a Kangaroo Court?: Successfully Communicating the “Authorized Practice of Mediation” Paradigm to “Unauthorized Practice of Law” Disciplinary Bodies, 49 SOUTH TEXAS LAW REVIEW 101 (2008). Also at mediate.com.
  • The Where of Mediation: Choosing the Right Location for a Facilitated Negotiation, mediate.com, (March 2007).
  • Take it or Leave It. Lump it or Grieve It: Designing Mediator Complaint Systems That Protect Mediators, Unhappy Parties, Attorneys, Courts, the Process, and the Field, 21 OHIO STATE JOURNAL ON DISPUTE RESOLUTION 721 (2006).
  • Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice, Give Thanks and Sing: ABA, ACR, and AAA Adopt Revised Model Standards of Conduct for Mediators, 5 APPALACHIAN JOURNAL OF LAW 195 (2006).
  • The What of Mediation: When is Mediation the Right Process Choice? mediate.com, (October 2006).
  • The Who of Mediation – Part III: Lawyers in the Mix, mediate.com, (April 2006).
  • The Who of Mediation-Part I: A New Look at Mediator “Styles” and The Who of Mediation – Part II: Wisely Choosing a Mediator, mediate.com, (April 2005).
  • Andy Griffith: TV Land Mediator, mediate.com (August 2003).
  • Practical and Ethical Limits to Lying in Negotiations: Protecting Your Reputation as a Trustworthy Negotiator May Matter More than You Think, mediate.com (June 2003).
  • Overcoming The Fears Of Freedom, Responsibility And Loss: An Opportunity Riding On A Dangerous Wind, MISSOURI LAWYERS WEEKLY (May 2003), reprinted at mediate.com.
  • Value-Based Conflicts: The Toughest Ones of All, ST. LOUIS LAWYER (April 2002).
  • Structural Causes of Conflict: Something Else May Need to Change, ST. LOUIS LAWYER (February 2002).
  • Relationship Conflicts: The Quest for Honesty, Empathy and Accountability, ST. LOUIS LAWYER (November 2001).
  • Black and Red White and Blue: What Choices do We Have to the Attacks on America?, ST. LOUIS LAWYER (October 2001). This article is reprinted at mediate.com in the articles section on the response to terrorism.
  • The Game is Changing: ADR Provides New Practice Perspectives, MISSOURI LAWYERS WEEKLY (July 30, 2001), reprinted in the Ohio Lawyers Weekly and at mediate.com.
  • Asking “Why?”: Learning To Resolve Interest-Based Disputes, ST. LOUIS LAWYER (August 2001).
  • Rocks on the Road to Agreement: Resolving Data-Based Conflicts, ST. LOUIS LAWYER (June 2001).
  • Mediation and the Power of an Apology: The Case of the Missing Snowman, MISSOURI LAWYERS WEEKLY (April 2001), reprinted at mediate.com.
  • The Story of the Bootless Coal Miner: Interest-Based Conflict Resolutions Save Time, Money and Relationships, ST. LOUIS LAWYER (April 4, 2001).
  • “Fire in the Apartment: Power Imbalances in Mediation,” Joint Sessions Column of the ADR REPORT, Vol. 5, No. 3 (March 2001).
  • “One Text Mediation Process: Clinton’s Christmas 2000 Proposal to the Israelis and Palestinians,” ST. LOUIS LAWYER (Feb. 7, 2001), reprinted at mediate.com.
  • “Online Mediation: A Personal Look at ADR on the Internet,” MISSOURI LAWYERS WEEKLY (Nov. 13, 2000), reprinted online at mediate.com.
  • ADR – Ethically Speaking, MISSOURI LAWYERS WEEKLY (July 31, 2000), reprinted in ADR REPORT, Vol. 5, No. 1 (Jan. 2001) and in PURCHASING LAW REPORT, Issue 04-2001 (April 2001) and at mediate.com. Used in a class at Stetson University College of Law, St. Petersburg, Fla. (2001).
  • Blessed are the Peacemakers: How I’ve Been Transformed by Mediation Training, MISSOURI LAWYERS WEEKLY (April 10, 2000).
  • One Insolvency’s Experience with Arbitration, THE INSURANCE RECEIVER (Fall 1999).
  • Arbitration in Insurance Insolvency, ABA Tort and Insurance Practice Section, EXCESS, SURPLUS LINES AND REINSURANCE COMMITTEE NEWS (Summer 1999).

Tal M. Zarankin

Assistant Professor-Management
Radford University
LLB (1997), The College of Management Law School, Israel
LLM (2001), Bar Ilan University School of Law, Israel
LLM (2001), University of Missouri
PhD (2009), Robert J. Trulaske College of Business, University of Missouri

Hui-Qun “Cindy” Zhu

Herbert Smith, Hong Kong
LLB (1997), Zhongshan University, China
LLM (2002), University of Missouri
JD (2006), University at Buffalo Law School, The State University of New York

  • A Fairy Tale or A Creation: Is Online Mediation Realistic?, MEDIATION J., Dec. 2002, at 67.

Alexandria C. Zylstra

Associate Professor, Business Legal Studies
School of Business, George Mason University
BJ (1994), JD (1997), LLM (2001), University of Missouri

  • A Call to Action: A Client-Centered Evaluation of Collaborative Law, 11 PEPPERDINE DISPUTE RESOLUTION LAW JOURNAL 547 (2011).
  • Mediation and Domestic Violence: A Practical Screening Method for Mediators and Mediation Program Administrators, 2001 JOURNAL OF DISPUTE RESOLUTION 253.
  • The Road from Voluntary Mediation to Mandatory Good Faith Requirements: A Road Best Left Untraveled, 17 JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN ACADEMY OF MATRIMONIAL LAWYERS 69 (2001). This paper received Honorable Mention in the 2001 James Boskey Dispute Resolution Essay Competition sponsored by the American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution.