Expertise Guide: Bioethics ⋅ Page 1

Paul J. Litton

Dean, School of Law

R. B. Price Professor of Law, School of Law

Paul Litton was named permanent dean of Mizzou Law in May 2023 after serving as interim dean since July 2022. He joined the Mizzou faculty in 2006. He received a JD and PhD from the University of Pennsylvania, where he studied through the University’s Joint Program in Law and Philosophy and was awarded the Lynn Lukens Moore Prize in Jurisprudence…

Philip G. Peters, Jr.

Ruth L. Hulston Professor Emeritus of Law, School of Law

Professor Peters is the Ruth L. Hulston Professor Emeritus of Law He taught at MU from 1986 to 2017. He is an expert in medical malpractice law and medical malpractice reform. In that capacity, he currently serves as an Advisor to the drafters of medical malpractice provisions of the Restatement Third of Torts. Professor Peters served for many years as…