Expertise Guide: Restorative Justice ⋅ Page 1

Lynn Branham

Visiting Professor,

Lynn Branham’s expertise centers on restorative justice and practices as well as sentencing and correctional law and policy. Professor Branham has worked with people from all sectors of the criminal-justice system, including formerly incarcerated people, prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges, correctional officials, and law-enforcement officials. She has held numerous leadership positions in the American Bar Association, serving, for example, as a…

Rachel Wechsler

Associate Professor of Law, School of Law

Senior Fellow, Center for Dispute Resolution

Associate Professor (courtesy), MU Department of Sociology

Associate Professor (courtesy), MU School of Social Work

Rachel J. Wechsler is an associate professor of law at Mizzou Law and an affiliate faculty member in the MU School of Social Work and MU Department of Sociology. Professor Wechsler previously served as a research fellow at the Zimroth Center on the Administration of Criminal Law at the New York University School of Law. Her research focuses on gender-based…