Dana Bal, 2L

Student Ambassador

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About Dana Bal

Hello, my name is Dana Bal and I’m a 2L at Mizzou Law.  I grew up in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, and I am the extreme example of a nontraditional student. After graduating from medical school in 1990 and more than thirty years of practicing anesthesia, I decided I needed a change. The law has always held fascination for me, and so I made the plunge.

I chose Mizzou Law School due to its academic reputation and family feel. Being nontraditional, I have different needs than most of my fellow students and the school is very willing to work with me to create the best academic path for me. The faculty are very knowledgeable. They are easy to reach out to and are involved in student life.

Most any law school will teach you the law; the question is which school is the right fit for your personality and needs.  Mizzou Law School was the right choice for me. If you have any questions about law school, second careers, or any other thoughts, please feel free to ask.  Best of luck!