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About Garret Macko

Hello! I’m a graduate of St. Louis Community College and the University of Misssouri-St. Louis, where I studied Economics, Business Administration, and Philosophy. Prior to coming to the law school, I worked in compliance in the financial services industry. Before that, I worked in project management in the construction and infrastructure industries. I decided to pursue a career in law because I believed it to be situated at the intersection of both my strengths and passions, and I decided to attend Mizzou Law because it felt like a place where I could develop and grow. I could not be happier with my choice.

I became a Law School Ambassador because I wanted to help prospective students see the immense opportunity that exists in an education from the University of Missouri School of Law. From the diverse perspectives and experiences held by students and faculty to its rigorous and value-driven curriculum, I believe Mizzou Law to be the place where many of the leaders of tomorrow’s legal profession will develop and sharpen their craft—I hope you will give us the opportunity to show you the same.