Mia New, 1L

Student Ambassador

School of Law

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Email mcnv8m@mail.missouri.edu

About Mia New

Hello! I went to Texas A&M University for a bachelor’s degree in psychology, so I was initially very hesitant about coming to Mizzou and even applying to the law program here. I got into a lot of local schools in Texas but ended up wholeheartedly picking Mizzou.

There were a few reasons why Mizzou was an easy pick for me for law school. I toured multiple schools after being admitted and Mizzou outshines them in atmosphere, professionalism, and education. First off, the atmosphere was and is so genuine and welcoming. It will be said a lot, but I am reaffirming that atmospheres at most law schools are not as helpful and welcoming as this one. Secondly, the coordination of the staff and the eagerness to answer all of my questions was so refreshing. Making it evident that the students are a priority here, even if only prospective. Lastly, the education I anticipated receiving here exceeded other schools in that the professors in and alumni from Mizzou Law are prominent and intelligent figures in law. Which makes all the difference, if you are learning the law, you might as well learn it from the best, and these professors are the best.

I look forward to meeting you and elaborating on the multitude of things Mizzou has to offer for your legal career!”