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About Sophia Marcolla

Hi there! I graduated from the University of Kentucky in December of 2021 with a B.A. in Political Science and a B.A. in Communications. During my undergrad, I was heavily involved in event planning, my sorority, and service projects. I also worked in the Kentucky State Capitol for two sessions and worked on various political campaigns within the state of Kentucky. Before coming to law school, I worked at Walt Disney World.

 Mizzou Law felt like home from the second I got the call. I have consistently felt that the law school truly values who I am and wants me to succeed. It has always been the little things for me, and there have been so many personalized touches where I feel like the admissions team has really tried to get to know me. A significant moment that I could point to was when I was struggling to find an apartment, the admissions team went out of their way and sat with me to help me find an apartment. I also talked with law students who met with me, gave me advice, and kept up with me after admitted students’ day. Law school is such an intense time that it was important to me that I felt like I have a family who routes for me and supports me. I am confident in my decision that I have a family at Mizzou.

 As someone who didn’t have anyone in their family go through law school, I am so excited to be a voice for incoming students who need guidance. It can be scary and intimidating going through the law admissions process. I didn’t decide on applying to law school until the December before. I would be so happy to share my story about how Mizzou Law has continuously displayed an effort toward supporting my educational journey, whether it was offering me a job, helping me search for an apartment, or introducing me to students who cared about my wellbeing. Mizzou has shown me so much love that I’m excited to share that love with incoming students. If you have any questions or just need a friend, you can always reach out to me!