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About Travis Schoengarth

I chose MU Law because Mizzou and CoMo are both awesome! And, no no, I’m not just saying that because I was raised a Tiger in CoMo. I’ve been around. I’ve worked a corporate job in Chicago, been a wall street trader in NYC, spent 300 days working in Germany, have had business meetings at The Pentagon, sailed thousands of miles on the open ocean, and I’ve vacationed in over 20 countries from Thailand, Honduras, South Africa, and Czechia.

Yet, like so many before me, there is a reason so many people find the way back to CoMo and Mizzou. CoMo is the foundation… and Mizzou is the crown. The culture, diversity, opportunity, and midwestern friendliness of Mizzou is astonishing. As I write this, I’ve been a student at MU Law for 9 whole days, but it already feels like I’m going to school with family.

I am looking forward to being an Ambassador for MU Law and showing prospective MU Law students, friends, and family the wonderful faculty, facilities, grounds, and experiences of being a proud Tiger. There is no place I’d rather be!