Early Decision

Early Decision Program (binding)

The Early Decision Program is designed for those applicants who have already determined that Mizzou is their top choice for law school. Admission standards to this program are the same as for those who apply during the regular decision review process.

Applicants may apply binding early decision to only one law school and successful applicants must immediately withdraw all pending applications upon acceptance by the early decision law school.

MU Law conducts two rounds of Early Decision admissions. An applicant’s Early Decision round is determined by the date an application is received and complete*.

  • Early Decision Round 1 deadline is November 15.
  • Early Decision Round 2 deadline is January 15.

Early Decision applications will be accepted beginning September 1 and applications must be complete no later than the second-round deadline of January 15. Early decision applicants will be notified of the committee’s decision within six weeks of the respective round’s deadline.

Early Decision applications are either accepted, denied, or deferred for further review. Deferred applicants will be reconsidered during the regular decision cycle.

Admitted Early Decision applicants will be considered for a scholarship award at the time of their acceptance and without regard to their enrollment obligation.

* An application is complete when the Law School Admissions Office has received all items on the application checklist and all supporting documents from CAS. Once CAS has received and processed all of your documentation (transcript(s), LSAT score(s), and letters of recommendation) a minimum of 5 business days are required for Mizzou to receive these documents once requested by the Law School. A file will be reviewed by the committee only when it is complete. (Applications received on or slightly before the application deadline will not fulfill the complete application requirement.)