Paying Your Mizzou Law Seat Deposit

The Office of Admissions and Financial Aid is excited to have you join us in the Law School. We look forward to accompanying you on your educational journey.

The University of Missouri School of Law requires each admitted student to provide a $500 seat deposit to secure their place in the incoming class. Students receiving a scholarship must pay by April 1 to retain their position. Students admitted without a scholarship may submit their seat deposit in installments. The $250 is due April 1 and the remainder must be paid by May 1. This deposit is nonrefundable and will be applied toward fall tuition. Should a student withdraw and decide not to attend Mizzou Law, the deposit will not be returned. If a student’s total financial aid package in addition to the deposit results in an overpayment, the overage will be refunded to the student.

1. Log into myZou (https// and you are asked to agree to E-Consent if you have not done so already. After agreeing you will need to log back into myZou. You might also be asked about electronic delivery of the 1098-T and updating emergency contact information.

2. In the Student Center, click the “Financial Account” tile.

3. Click the “Proceed to TouchNet” link.

4. Click “Deposits” in the top black bar.

5. Select the Fall 2024 term.

6. Select “Law School Deposit” payment from the “Select a deposit” drop down menu.

7. Click “Continue”.

8. Select your payment method: “Electronic Check” or “Credit Card via PayPath.” For electronic check there is no fee. There is a 2.95% service fee on credit card payments with a minimum service fee of $3.00. If you are paying with an “Electronic Check” continue with step number 10 below. If you wish to pay with “Credit Card via PayPath”, skip to step number 15.

9. Click “Continue.”

10. Complete the name on the account, account type, routing number, bank account number, and enter bank account number again to confirm.

11. Click “Continue” and you get a pop-up screen.

12. Click the box in the pop-up to agree. Click “Continue” and you get screen where you must click “Submit Payment” to finalize the transaction.

13. After clicking “Submit Payment” you are finished and an email regarding the payment is sent to your MU email address.

14. Click “Continue” and the payment method says “TOUCHNET PAYPATH” and then you click “Continue to PayPath.”

15. You are stepped through the credit card payment screens. When complete a confirmation screen displays, and an email is sent to the email address you entered on the credit card screen.

Thank you paying your seat deposit. We are excited to have you at Mizzou Law!