Not in MAI

Not in MAI 3rd Edition, 2001, by Professor James R. Devine

  • Civil jury instructions collected from Missouri cases
  • An invaluable reference for every Missouri litigator

Missouri Approved Jury Instructions (MAI) is THE method of jury instruction in Missouri and failure to follow that method is presumed to be error. The Missouri courts, however, recognize that not all causes of action nor all issues upon which a jury must be instructed are covered by MAI. When a case cannot be submitted under an existing MAI instruction, it is up to the parties to provide an instruction that follows the teachings of MAI and which adequately instructs the jury.

Not-in-MAI: Civil Jury Instructions Collected from Missouri Cases is a collection of jury instructions taken from Missouri appellate cases since the beginning of MAI in which the Missouri courts have either discussed or approved jury instructions which are not included in MAI.

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