Other Courses

Client Science: Client Interviewing, Counseling and Decision-Making (one-week course) and memo (2020) – Marjorie Corman Aaron, University of Cincinnati

Client Science: Client Interviewing, Counseling and Decision-Making – Dispute Context (ten-week course) (2020) – Marjorie Corman Aaron, University of Cincinnati

Civil Collaborative Law (2014) – Sherrie R. Abney, Southern Methodist University

Pretrial Litigation (including client counseling and negotiation) (2014) using a semester-long simulation – Anne Alexander, University of Missouri

Advanced Issues in Criminal Justice (3 credits) (2014) – Cynthia Alkon, Texas A&M University

Online ADR (latest version) – Richard A. Bales, Ohio Northern University

Negotiation and Dispute System Design (2022) – Lara Fowler, Penn State University

Theories of Conflict (2012) – Kenneth Fox, Hamline University

Labor Law (2014) using a semester-long simulation – Rafael Gely, University of Missouri

Interviewing and Counseling (2014) – Dwight Golann, Suffolk University

ADR in the Workplace (2014) – Michael Z. Green, Texas A&M University

Diversity and Dispute Resolution (2017) – David Hoffman, Harvard University

The Human Side of Lawyering (2013) – Karen Keroack and Jonathan Cohen, University of Florida

Dispute System Design (2015) using a multi-stage simulation to develop a court rule – John Lande, University of Missouri

Family Law Dispute Resolution (2015) using a multi-stage property and support simulation – John Lande, University of Missouri

Restorative Justice (2020) – Mikhail Lyubansky, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Department of Psychology

Dynamics of Conflict and Conflict Intervention (2014) – Bernie Mayer, Creighton University

Staying with Conflict (2014) – Bernie Mayer, Creighton University

Multiparty Conflict Resolution in Energy and Environmental Matters (2015) – Margaret M. Menicucci & Suzanne Schwartz, University of Texas

Multi-Party Dispute Resolution Workshop (and Global Justice Summit) (2013) – C. Menkel-Meadow, University of California-Irvine

Problem Solving, Decision Making and Professional Judgment (2020) – C. Menkel-Meadow, University of California, Irvine

Family Law Practice: A Non-Litigation Approach (2015) – Forrest S. Mosten, University of California-Los Angeles

Lawyer as Peacemaker (2015) – Forrest S. Mosten, University of California-Los Angeles

Beyond Fight-or-Flight: Skills for High Stress Conflicts (2022) – Stephen Kotev, Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution

Perspectives on Conflict Resolution (2014) – Lydia Nussbaum, University of Nevada-Las Vegas

Introduction to Dispute Resolution in Healthcare (2015) – Charles Pillsbury, Quinnipiac University

Perspectives on Conflict Resolution (2014) – Jen Reynolds, University of Oregon

Dispute System Design Workshop (2014) – Nancy H. Rogers, Ohio State University

Online Dispute Resolution: The State of the Art (2020) – Colin Rule, Santa Clara University

Mediation and Collaborative Lawyering: Consensual Dispute Resolution (2012) – Unmani Sarasvati, Golden Gate University

Dispute Resolution in the Digital Age – Online Dispute Resolution and materials (2018) – Amy J. Schmitz, University of Missouri

Resolving Disputes Across Cultures (2014) – Nancy Schultz, Chapman University

Civil Pretrial Practice and Settlement (2015) – Ann Shields, Washington University

Criminal Pretrial Practice and Procedure (2015) – Ann Shields, Washington University

Psychology and Lawyering (2021) – Jean R. Sternlight, University of Nevada-Las Vegas

ADR Strategy in Litigation (2014) – Elizabeth Tippett, University of Oregon

Environmental Dispute Resolution (2014) – Paula M. Young, Appalachian School of Law

Insurance Practice: Strategically Resolving Insurance Coverage Disputes (2012) – Paula M. Young, Appalachian School of Law