Evacuation Plan

The purpose of this evacuation plan is to enable occupants in Hulston Hall to be evacuated quickly and with the greatest degree of safety or be directed to a safe zone(s) inside the structure depending on the hazardous condition.

Each floor will be divided into two (2) zones for quick reference.

Zone 1 – Law School

Zone 2 – Law Library

Zone/Buddy Teams

Each zone will have two/three employees designated as the “Zone Team” with the responsibility of keeping a reasonably accurate account of occupants in his/her zone to make sure all rooms are vacated, doors are shut, but not locked. Each “Buddy Team” will have two individuals with an alternate appointed to assist “persons with disabilities”.

Zone/buddy teams will report to the Building Coordinator/alternates of occupants refusing to leave the building. The Building Coordinator/alternates will report this information to the proper authority.

Building Coordinator/Alternates

It is the job of the Building Coordinator/alternates to inform the Zone/Buddy Team of their duties, via email and/or by phone. All Zone/Buddy Team members will report to the Building Coordinator/alternates.

Building Coordinators

Law School – Zone 1 Denise Boessen
Michelle Rapp
Law Library – Zone 2 Terri Potter, Building Coordinator
Cindy Shearrer

Two-Person Zone Teams by Floor & Zone

Sub-plaza/basement (including restrooms & Custodial closets)

Zone 1 JR Swanegan
Dean Hargett
Zone 2 Terri Potter
Randy Diamond

1st Floor (including restrooms & Custodial closets)

Zone 1 Jennifer McGarr
Jennifer Riedy Clark
Zone 2 Angela Drake (Veterans Clinic)
Cindy Shearrer

2nd Floor (including restrooms & Custodial closets)

Zone 1 Monique Prince
Laura Coleman, Michelle Rapp
Zone 2 Melissa Fayad
Don Seitz (ELC/Family Violence Clinic)

3rd Floor (including restrooms & Custodial closets)

Zone 1 Ben Trachtenberg
Paul Litton
Zone 2 Jessica Longaker
Cindy Bassett