Use of Mizzou Law Facilities

When is Hulston Hall open? How do I get in after hours?

  • Beginning during orientation the law school building and library are accessible to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week with the use of your Mizzou ID.
  • To get access after the building is locked, swipe in with your student ID.
    • This access also entails certain responsibilities. You are the only one allowed to use your ID to enter the building. Allowing someone to enter after hours without using their own ID, or using your ID instead, could be dangerous to you and your colleagues. It also could result in the termination of your privileges to enter after hours and/or further disciplinary action.
  • If an emergency occurs after hours, contact the University of Missouri Police at 911 or 882-7201. Remember: If it does not look right — it probably is not right. Do not hesitate to contact the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs or someone else when something in our building appears amiss.

What are the law school’s office hours?

  • Room 203, is open from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.
  • Access to the second and third floors of Hulston Hall, where faculty and administrative offices are located, is restricted on weekends and after 5 pm on weekdays.
    • The stairwell doors to these floors are locked at approximately 5:00 pm each weekday. The elevator is locked at 5 pm, but can still be used between the Subplaza and the first floor after that time.
    • The stairwell doors and the elevator are unlocked by 7:30 am on weekdays.

How can I schedule an event during the “free hour” (from 1 – 1:50PM)?

  • Mondays and Wednesdays are reserved for student events. Faculty members can schedule review classes during the free hour on those days only under truly extraordinary circumstances.
    • Events related to Career Services are also scheduled primarily on Mondays and Wednesdays. After the fourth week of the semester Career Services may schedule events on any day of the week.
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays are reserved for faculty events. Student groups can schedule events on these days reserved for make-up classes only in truly extraordinary circumstances (after approval from the Associate Dean).
    • Student and faculty events (including make-up classes) can be scheduled at the end of the day following completion of all classes for that day.

How do I schedule space in Hulston Hall?

  • To reserve a classroom for events sponsored by student organizations, please come to room 203 or room 227. They can help determine a time and place suitable for your event.

When can I use the tables that I see around the building?

  • The law school has 6′ tables for general use in the building. When you or your group uses these tables, they must be returned to the storage area at the end of the hall outside room 6.
    • These tables may not be kept in any student office area.

What are acceptable uses of the university’s computer resources?

  • The university has policies on acceptable use of computers.
  • The law school has an IT professional (Scott Greathouse) who is accessible only to law school faculty, staff and students. Scott is located in 224K/L Hulston Hall. You may also contact him by calling 882-8302 or sending an e-mail.
    • Use of computers in class is determined by each individual faculty member, who may permit, condition or prohibit such use.
  • Use of a computer on examinations is determined by each individual faculty member and is then subject to the law school’s rules.

What are acceptable uses of law school e-mail listservs?

  • Use of the e-mail distribution lists should be limited to the dissemination of information related to official law school activities.
  • It is permissible to use the e-mail distribution lists to advertise student organization events and activities.
    • We recommend that your student organization creates its own e-mail list so you can send targeted e-mails to individuals likely to be interested.

What are acceptable uses of cell phones?

  • Use of a cell phone during a law school classes should be avoided as it is disruptive and disrespectful to the professor and to your fellow students. Please turn off or put cell phones on vibrate during class.
  • Cell phones should generally be stowed away during class period. Sometimes a family issue or emergency requires keeping a cell phone out and on during class. Do not hesitate to mention this fact to your faculty member. If you must take a call or other communication during class, please leave the classroom to do so.
    • Use of cell phones to surf the Internet to find cases, answers to classroom questions or to otherwise gain an advantage over other students in the class is not permissible.
  • Students may not have cell phones or any other electronic devices in their possession during examinations, even if those cell phones are not directly on the student’s person or are turned off. All cell phones are collected at the beginning of an exam and are returned at the conclusion of the exam.

Can I park in front of Hulston Hall?

  • Parking in front of the building is prohibited. Doing so may block access for someone with a disability and you may be blocking the line of sight for the crosswalks. The campus police regularly ticket and tow cars parked in front of the building.