Computer Use Policies

Acceptable Use Policy

  • Priority use of computing equipment is for academic rather than recreational purposes. If you are asked to relinquish use for this reason, your compliance is expected and appreciated.
  • Computing at MU is a community enterprise serving academic, administrative and research needs. Please conserve resources by carefully managing your e-mail, data, web files, and printing.
  • Users will respect copyright, slander, libel, anti-discrimination and other appropriate laws as well as the security and proper functioning of the campus network.
  • MU is committed to privacy and will not routinely inspect the contents of your computer files.
  • MU provides uncensored access to materials on the campus network or the Internet unless those materials violate federal or state laws.

For more detailed information on current acceptable use guidelines, or to report a potential violation, view MU’s Acceptable Use Policy.

Law School Computer Polices

  • Limited Access to the Law School Computer Equipment – In order to use the law school’s computers, you must be a current MU law student. Access to the computers is a privilege and is not transferable to non-law students. You may not let your family use law school computers for any purpose.
  • Computer Availability and Priority of Use – Computers are available during regular library service hours on a first-come, first-served basis. All decisions as to the use of the computers are at the discretion of the library director, the associate director, or the automation librarian.
  • Copyright and Licensing Restrictions – The user is responsible for observing all copyright laws. The software and documentation made available on the law school computers is not to be duplicated for use elsewhere. Duplicating a copyrighted program or documentation is illegal and is an Honor Code violation. Any use of computer-assisted legal research databases (Westlaw and Lexis) is for academic purposes only. Terms of use are governed by individual subscriber agreements for each system.
  • Assumption of the Risk – The MU Law Library and MU School of Law make no guarantee with respect to any equipment, programs, or other materials in the computer lab. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the computer equipment, programs, and documentation is with the user. The lab is not responsible for loss of data due to faulty programs or equipment.
  • Data Storage – Users may not store their files on the hard drives of the individual workstations or on the law school’s network. Users may not save their personal settings on individual workstations.
  • Reporting Equipment Problems – Report any PC or printer problem, such as paper jams, toner replacement, backed-up print jobs, etc. to the circulation desk, reference desk, or the IT department located in 224K Hulston Hall, or by calling 882-6246, or emailing  Do not attempt to fix any lab equipment on your own. Lab supplies (paper reams, toner etc.) are to be handled by staff only.

Failure to observe lab policies and directions from library staff regarding proper lab use may result in restriction or revocation of computer access, or in termination, academic probation, or prosecution under federal or state law.