SmartSuites are located in rooms 218J, 218M, 218P, and 327J, on the far eastern end of the library’s second and third floors.  These rooms are equipped with a digital display.  Students can request an HDMI cable from the circulation desk (subject to availability) for connecting their personal laptops to the digital display.  All video appears on the digital display which is especially suited for collaborative work: group outlining, editing, PowerPoint creation, etc.

Law students, faculty, and staff have 24/7 access to SmartSuites.  Reservations can be requested at the Circulation desk for same day use (subject to availability).

If your group needs technology, please request a Smart Suite.  If your group does not need technology, please request one of the study rooms without technology.  SmartSuites are intended primarily for collaborative work, but individual students needing to use the equipment in these rooms to practice class presentations may also reserve a SmartSuite.

In creating these new collaborative study space options, we hope to provide you with more flexibility and technical support in completing your work.

If you need assistance using any of the equipment in a SmartSuite, please contact Scott Greathouse at or (573) 882-8203.