Exams on Computers

Exam Information – Spring 2024 Final Exams

Please bookmark this page for all information regarding final exams for the Spring 2024 semester.  Information will be updated as needed throughout exams.

Exam Software Availability

The new version of Exam4 software required for 2024 Spring Midterm Exams will be available for download on Monday, April 15, 2024 at https://www.exam4.com.

Exam4 Requirements

  • ALL LAW STUDENTS taking exams on computer must download the most current version of Exam4 on their laptops for their midterm exams.
  • ALL LAW STUDENTS must take a practice exam by 4pm on April 26, 2024See section below regarding “Taking A Practice Exam In Exam4”.
  • ALL STUDENTS must use their assigned Exam ID when taking all exams.

Hardware/Software Requirements

Supported and non-supported operating systems and devices can be found at the following URL.


NOTE:  If your current operating system is an older, non-supported version not listed OR you plan on installing a newer supported version of your operating system, we strongly recommend that you do this at least 1 full week before final exams begin, to acclimate yourself to the new operating system and address any technical issues associated with the upgrade.

Exam4 Tutorials

If you have NEVER taken an exam with Exam4, then you are REQUIRED to take a MANDATORY tutorial on how to download, install, and take a practice exam.  The available Exam4 tutorials are listed below.

  1. Tuesday, April 23 – 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. – Classroom 6
  2. Wednesday, April 24 – 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. – Classroom 7

Please bring the laptop you are going to use for final exams.  Make sure that all critical and recommended updates to your laptop’s operating system have been completed prior to attending a tutorial.  You must also be successfully connected to TigerWiFi prior to attending the tutorial.

We will complete the Practice Exam together during the tutorial.

Exam4 Download Instructions

Downloading and Installing Exam4

    1. Open a browser and navigate to the following link … https://www.exam4.com
    2. Select Law Schools from the left side of the screen.
    3. Law Schools are listed alphabetically by state, select M for Missouri.
    4. Scroll down to find the section for Missouri.
    5. Select University of Missouri – Columbia School of Law.
    6. Complete the online form with your nameuniversity email address, and class year.
    7. Check the button next to operating system installed on your system to select the appropriate version of Exam4 to download.
      •  Windows – If you are unsure what version of Windows is installed, right click on the Windows icon in the lower left corner of your screen, then select System from the list. Scroll down to the section titled Windows Specifications and find your OS Edition. Your version MUST be Windows 10 (20H2 or newer) or Windows 11. (21H2 or newer) If it is Windows 10 2004 or earlier, you must upgrade to one of these versions or you will not be able to take your exams with Exam4.
      •  Mac – If you are unsure what version of Mac OSX is installed, go up the Apple icon in the upper left corner of your screen, then select About This Mac. A dialog box will appear with the OS version. Your version MUST begin with either 11.7.x (Big Sur), 12.x (Monterey), 13.x (Ventura), or 14.x (Sonoma).  If it is 11.6.9 or earlier, you must upgrade to one of these versions or you will not be able to take your exams with Exam4.
    8. Select Submit Form, then select the download link.
    9. After the file has finished downloading, locate it in your downloads folder and double click on it to install Exam4.
    10. Select Yes, if prompted.
    11. Select, I Agree, then Install, then Finish. (prompts may vary slightly on Mac OS).
      •  Mac Users: At the end of your installation, select the Exam4 icon by picking it and dragging it to the Applications folder, and releasing the mouse button. This places the Exam4 icon in your applications folder so that it is easier to locate in Finder. Select the open to overwrite any previous version.
    12. Exam4 should now be installed on your computer.

Taking A Practice Exam in Exam4 – REQUIRED EVERY SEMESTER

If you attend an Exam4 Tutorial, we will do this part together.

      1. Open Exam4.
      2. Select Yes, if prompted.
      3. Select Prepare To Start A New Exam, select Next.
      4. Enter the EXAM ID that you have been assigned by Denise Boessen for your Spring 2024 final exam as your Exam ID. (no other Exam ID will be accepted)
      5. Enter the same EXAM ID as entered in the previous step as your Exam ID, again. (They must match.)
      6. Select the Practice Exam from the course pulldown menu.
      7. Select the Practice Exam from the course pulldown menu, again (they must match), select Next.
      8. Verify your Exam Number and Course, the check the box to re-confirm your choices. Select OK.
      9. On the Options screen, select Next.
      10. On the Notice Of Instructions screen, select the Got It? check box, select Next.
      11. The mode of the Practice Exam should be CLOSED. Check the box to confirm the CLOSED exam mode, select Next.
      12. Once you begin the Practice Exam, you will not be able to access this page. To continue, you must either read through the rest of these instructions and make notes regarding the next steps, including the exam questions (below), or open this page on your phone. During an actual exam, your exam questions will be provided to you on paper.
      13. For the Practice Exam, your exam questions are:
        1. What is your full name?
        2. What is your Pawprint? (not your email address)
        3. What is your Exam Number for Spring 2024 midterms?
        4. Have you read and agree with the Notice of Intent section of this web page (below)?
      14. Check the box to re-confirm the exam mode, select OK.
      15. Select Begin Exam.
      16. You should now be in Exam4. During an actual exam, you will wait at this point until the proctor tells you to begin your exam. If your computer has failed the security check, then please bring it to the IT suite (224K) ASAP and we will figure out a workaround.
      17. As you answer each Practice Exam question, make sure to place an answer separator between answers (select Tools, Insert Answer Separation).
      18. After answering all questions, select Tools, Show/Hide Document Statistics. Make sure that the word count for each of your answers is being accurately calculated by the Exam4 program.  NOTE: You must use the Insert Answer Separation tool in order for the Document Statistics tool to accurately reflect the word count of each of your answers.
      19. After you have completed the previous 2 steps, select Tools, Spellcheck to check your answers for any spelling mistakes.
      20. Proceed to the Submitting Your Practice Exam section below.

“Takehome” Mode Exams

If you are taking a “Takehome” mode exam, Exam4 will give you the option to suspend the exam so you can do things like restart your computer or take a different exam. You would do this by choosing “End Exam” but unlike the “Closed” mode exam, Takehome mode will give you an extra option — to suspend the exam. To get back into the suspended exam, run Exam4, but then instead of choosing “Prepare to start a new exam,” you will choose, “Select an existing exam”.

Submitting Your Practice Exam

    1. After you have reviewed your answers for your practice exam, and run spellcheck, you will submit your exam.
      • All exam submittals must be successfully received BEFORE the practice exam deadline noted in the Exam4 Requirements above.
      • Students will submit their exam electronically with Exam4.  You must be connected to a wireless network in order to successfully submit your exam.
    2. From the upper left corner in Exam4, select End Exam, then End Exam Now, confirm that you want to end the exam by checking the box, then select Submit Electronically from the dialog box.
      • Note that exam submittals may take a little longer than normal due to the network speed at your location when taking an exam.
    3. Students should verify that they receive the green “Exam Submittal Successful” pop-up banner on their laptop screen after submission.
    4. When taking an actual exam, all exam submittals must be received by the server within 10 minutes of the end of the exam deadline, or will be considered past due and could result in an honor code violation.
    5. Any student experiencing an issue submitting an exam should attempt to submit their exam up to 3 times, then contact the proctor.  If the proctor is not available, complete the process for signing your exam back in, gather your personal items from the classroom, leave the classroom and try submitting your exam outside of the classroom.  If your exam still fails to submit, seek assistance from Scott Greathouse in 224K.
      • Students should contact Dean Trachtenberg at trachtenbergb@missouri.edu (573) 882-7293 and Denise Boessen at boessenn@missouri.edu (573) 882-8269 to let them know of any submittal problems or other issues.
      • Any student not immediately reporting a problem submitting their exam will need to report to Dean Trachtenberg.
    6. After a successful submittal, students should immediately exit the Exam4 software.
      • Students should select Exit Exam 4, then Exit Exam4 Now, confirm that they want to exit the software by selecting the check box next to I’m Sure to fully exit the software
      • Complete the process for signing your exam back in, gather your personal items from the classroom, leave the classroom.

Notice Of Intent Information

NOTE:  All students are required to agree to the terms of this notice of intent information when completing the answers in the mandatory practice.  Additionally, you are agreeing to the terms below.

I certify that I have:

  1. Received and read the School of Law Exams on Computer Policies and Procedures and Exams on Computer Laptop Computer Requirements, located at: http://law.missouri.edu/it/eoc
  2. Downloaded and installed the Exam4 software for the exam cycle and semester noted at the top of this page.
  3. Verified that Exam4 performed to my satisfaction on the computer I will be taking my exams on.
  4. Verified that my computer complies with the law school and Extegrity’s system and hardware requirements; that my computer is up-to-date with all Microsoft and/or Apple critical updates; that my computer has a current working version of antivirus software (NA for Macs); and that my wireless network card has been configured and is functioning properly.
  5. Submitted my practice exam answers and received a green dialog box pop-up notification on my computer that “Exam Submittal Successful”
  6. I understand that if my computers fails at any time during the exam, I will immediately contact the attending proctor without restarting my computer.  If a proctor is unavailable, I will contact Dean Trachtenberg, trachtenbergb@missouri.edu (573) 882-7293, and Denise Boessen, boessenn@missouri.edu  573-882-8269.
  7. I understand that the School of Law is not responsible for any failure of my computer. I understand that the law school will not provide back-up computers for examinations.


Any final exams given using CANVAS will be administered by the faculty member. If the exam schedule indicates that a final exam will be administered using CANVAS, the faculty member will provide you with the necessary information.