IT Assistance

Computer Technology

What are the recommended computer specifications for the Law School?
Law School computer recommendations

What do you recommend for Anti-Virus protection? (Actually it’s I have a virus, can you guys help me?)
Microsoft Security Essentials


How do I access my Office 365 student email?
Learn how to access your Office 365 email.
How do I change my password?
Reset my password.

Exams on Computer

What do I need to do to take my exams on computer?
Taking law exams on your computer.


What is my printing quota?
Law students are given a $50 (1000 black & white pages) nonrefundable print quota for the entire school year-August through May. Students enrolled for the summer period receive an additional $7 nonrefundable print quota. Further printing is automatically charged to your student account.

How do I set up PrintAnywhere so that I can print from my laptop?
Learn more about PrintAnywhere.


How do I connect my devices to the wireless network?
Connecting to TigerWifi.