Diversity Programs and Resources

Diversity Statement

At the School of Law, we feel a strong commitment to our students to help them gain admission, to create and maintain a supportive academic environment in which students can flourish, and to assist them in becoming active and successful members of the legal profession upon graduation. The Law School rigorously recruits qualified minority students and has had progressive success in attracting them to Mizzou. In the admissions process we seek geographical as well as cultural diversity, and our current student body reflects this commitment.

Furthermore, the University of Missouri strongly supports diversity across the campus.

Programs, Presentations and Events

The School of Law hosts programs for students to learn about different areas of law from attorneys of a variety of backgrounds. The students are able to learn from the perspectives and experiences of successful, diverse attorneys.

One Read

Each year a book is selected that relates broadly to law, the legal profession, or legal education and touches on important issues of the moment. Books expose us to aspects of the world beyond our own daily experiences and, we believe, can help broaden our understanding of other’s lives. As part of the One Read program, students have an opportunity to participate in group discussions about the book and attend programs related to the book’s themes.

Diverse Affinity Student Organizations

The School of Law has a variety of organizations for students of different interests and backgrounds. The organizations provide support to students, as well as, professional development and community outreach opportunities. One of the organizations, the Black Law Students Association, annually host the Lloyd L. Gaines Scholarship Banquet and participates in the National Thurgood Marshall Mock Trial Competition.

Michael A. Middleton Center for Race, Citizenship, and Justice

The mission of the Michael A. Middleton Center promotes excellence in the multi-disciplinary study of race, citizenship, and justice in the United States. The Middleton Center supports and promotes scholarship and engagement on these issues within and beyond the University of Missouri. It is led by a partnership between the College of Arts and Science and the School of Law.