Academic Success Program

Pathways to the Legal Profession

The “Pathways to the Legal Profession” (“Pathways”) Academic Success Program provides support for Mizzou Law students during five focal phases of student engagement.

  • Pre-Law Engagement
  • First-Year Studies and Outreach
  • Upper Division Outreach
  • Pre-Professional Development and Outreach
  • Bar Prep Program


The mission of the Mizzou Law Academic Success Program is to promote academic excellence, positive student engagement, and effective bar exam preparation to ensure all law students have successful pathways to the legal profession. The “Pathways” program fosters an inclusive and nurturing learning environment providing instruction, tools and resources so that students not only survive but thrive at Mizzou Law. We offer legal education with a holistic approach with an emphasis on academic enrichment and support, collaborative community relations, and career readiness.


The vision of the Mizzou Law Academic Success Program is to provide a comprehensive and equitable experience that enhances skill development, positive mindsets, and self-confidence for all students and promotes academic success, professional readiness, and personal well-being.


The Academic Success Program shares resources to keep students abreast of upcoming programs and opportunities via its Canvas site. Teaching Fellows offer students additional support.