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Updated Course Descriptions

Mizzou Law course descriptions are only updated once a year on the University Registrar’s website. Please note, some courses may change before the next course catalog update. The new descriptions will be listed below.

Curriculum Pathways

At Mizzou Law, you can customize your law school experience by selecting a curriculum “pathway” that focuses on an area of law that interests you personally. Doing so can provide you with deeper knowledge of the area and a broader set of relevant skills, as well as relationships with faculty knowledgeable in the field, who may serve as mentors along the way.

The faculty of Mizzou Law has created sixteen pathways for your consideration. Choosing a pathway is not mandatory (and will not be reflected in your transcript). But these pathways are here to help you shape your law school experience.

No pathway is set in stone, of course. Your interests may evolve while you’re in law school, or even later. The pathways we have designed can help you explore different areas, and you may decide to combine courses from different pathways to create your own path to practice.

We offer these pathways:

In some cases, it may be possible to earn a dual degree.

For each pathway, the faculty have listed both foundational courses and recommended courses. The recommended courses may include clinics, practicums, study abroad programs, or participation in one of the school’s specialized law journals. While the Law School may not offer every course every year, you can consult the registrar to determine how often each course is offered. And if a course of interest is not offered when you need it, you may be able to arrange an independent study with a faculty member.

Feel free to reach out to any professor – especially the ones listed for each pathway – to discuss your course selections and career options.