Billing & Payment Information

Bills are generated on or around the 15th of each month and are due the 10th of the following month (or the next Monday if it falls on a weekend). Students have two options for making payments, the first is to pay the balance in full which will avoid finance charges, and the second is to make minimum payments. Semesters are billed by dividing each semester balance into minimum monthly payments. Summer semesters have 3 minimum payments; fall and spring semesters have 4 minimum payments.

Finance Charges

The university assesses a 1% monthly finance charge if a balance is not paid in full. The finance charge is based on the previous billed balance and will not be assessed on the currently billed charges.

Missing a Due Date

You will be assessed a $10 late fee if the required minimum payment is not met by the due date on your statement. In addition, you could be subject to the following sanctions:

  • Your transcripts and diplomas may be withheld
  • Inability to add classes and denial of future registration access

For more Billing and Payment information, visit the Paying Your Bill – Everything you need to know! section of the Mizzou Cashiers Office website.