Tuition and Costs

Law School Tuition Rates

Mizzou Law is an exceptional value and offers one of the most affordable legal educations in the country. The Missouri resident tuition rate for the 2019-2020 academic year is $674.40 per credit hour and $1,282.80 per credit hour for non-Missouri residents.

Missouri Resident Non-Missouri Resident
*Full-time first year students $20,232 $38,484
Mandatory Fees $1,328.52 $1,328.52
*Tuition for first year law students is based on 30 credit hours.

For more information on tuition and fees visit the MU Office of Cashiers Website.

Estimated Living Expenses – Standard Mizzou Law Budget

How much will your Mizzou Law degree cost? Besides tuition, another component of your cost will be living expenses. It’s important to take into consideration all of your expenses like housing, transportation, and personal items before accepting your financial aid. It’s possible you may not need to borrow funds to cover some of these expenses, so think of other options besides student loans first.

Books & Supplies $1,694
Room & Board $10,206
Personal & Transportation $7,078
Total $18,978

Mizzou Law’s estimated cost allows $18,978 for books & supplies, room & board, and personal & transportation expenses. This estimate is based on 9 months. The cost of attendance is different for each student, depending on housing choices, consumer debt, and individual needs. If possible rid yourself of any consumer debt prior to law school and develop and maintain good spending habits. Your non MU related expenses are where you have control. Keep your costs (and debt) down and borrow only what you need.

The Mizzou Law Thrifty Budget 2019-2020

The Mizzou Law Thrifty Budget is designed to help reduce the amount students may need to finance their law degree.

The thrifty budget approach focuses on a reduced amount for room & board and transportation expenses by encouraging students to live with a roommate and to use Columbia’s public transportation service. Living with a roommate can dramatically reduce the cost of attending law school and potentially have a measurable effect on student loan debt. For example: A student living alone paying $800 rent and $100 in utilities can reduce their cost by $450 per month by sharing expenses with a roommate. That’s a savings of $5,400 per year, or $16,200 over three years of law school.

Books & Supplies $1,248
Room & Board $9,348
Personal & Transportation $2,504
Total $13,100

Students are not required to use the Mizzou Law Thrifty Budget but should consider it as an option when thinking through their living expenses during law school.  First year law students are awarded financial aid using the Thrifty Budget.  If you would like to opt out of the Thrifty Budget and use the Standard Budget, contact the Mizzou Law Financial Aid Office.