Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is a safe and easy way to have funds deposited directly into an account at the financial institution of your choice. Direct deposit is the preferred and quicker method for receiving your financial aid refund. Visit the Paying Your Bill page to see how to set up direct deposit or follow the steps below:

  • To sign up for direct deposit, go to the Student Center in myZou self-service pages, scroll down to the Finance section, and click on the Log into TouchNet link. Enter your Pawprint and Password. Click on “Security Settings” on the right to set up your 2-Step Verification. Once that’s set up, click on “Refunds” in the top menu bar and the “Set up Account”. Enter your banking information and click “Continue”. Click on “I agree” and then “Continue” again. You will now see the account in the “eRefunds” section.
  • Once you have direct deposit set up, you will receive an email when your refund has been processed.
  • It then takes approximately three days to transfer the funds to your bank.