John K. Hulston Hall

Hulston Hall


Rules and Regulations for Use of Facilities

Use of Facilities Application Form  (PDF)


  1. Room reservations must be made not later than 48 HOURS PRIOR TO THE DATE on which the event is to be held, excluding Saturday and Sunday and/or holiday. (The 48 hour period must fall within five consecutive working days.)
  2. All requests must be approved by the Registrar’s room scheduling assistant (Heather Garnett, email: or by the Building Coordinator (Kathy Smith, 882-4597, email: of Hulston Hall in which the event is to take place.
  3. Reservations will not be taken before the school’s class schedule is final. For fall and winter semesters, this is usually two weeks after the semester begins (early September for fall and late January for winter). The summer course schedule is done late April or early May. The administration reserves the right to cancel any event when deemed necessary.


Equipment and furniture (other than permanent classroom furniture) owned by the School of Law are not to be used during the event. If you need additional equipment, furniture and/or services, you must use an outside resource.

Key Issuing

  1. Pick up room key(s) in the Administrative Office, Room 203, Hulston Hall during the hours of 1:00 – 4:00 pm, Monday – Friday, the day of the event. (Friday if event is on the weekend).
  2. Return all key(s) the day immediately following the event to the Administrative Office, Room 203, Hulston Hall during the hours of 8:00 – 10:00 am, Monday – Friday. (Monday if event is on the weekend).

Fees and Costs Incurred by the Activity

It is the responsibility of the host organization to bear any of the related costs for the event including, but not limited to:

  • Additional security required
  • Grounds services such as additional trash receptacles and pickup, repair, etc.
  • Additional housekeeping required
  • Damages
  • Additional materials or equipment

Other Information

  1. Persons granted use of University of Missouri buildings are warned not to add or remove anything therein without the approval of the Building Coordinator of Hulston Hall. This applies to changes in wiring, the setting of scenery, decorations, furniture, etc.
  2. Decorations must be approved by the Building Coordinator of Hulston Hall. Careful attention must be paid to fire risks. Decorations consisting of flammable materials are prohibited. All debris must be removed from buildings and premises immediately following an event by the organization concerned.
  3. Facilities should be left as they are found.

Evacuation Plan

The purpose of this evacuation plan is to enable occupants in Hulston Hall to be evacuated quickly and with the greatest degree of safety or be directed to a safe zone(s) inside the structure depending on the hazardous condition.

View evacuation plan for Hulston Hall.