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The Publication

The Missouri Law Review was first published in 1936, making it one of the oldest legal publications west of the Mississippi River. The Law Review is published quarterly by the University of Missouri School of Law. The Missouri Law Review is an entirely student-run publication.

The Missouri Law Review is traditionally divided into three sections: Lead Articles, Comments, and Casenotes and Law Summaries. Lead Articles are written by law professors, practicing attorneys, and members of the judiciary. Comments, written by Missouri Law Review Members, provide an in-depth focus on a particular area of law. Casenotes, written by Missouri Law Review Associate Members, analyze issues raised by recent court decisions or legislative acts. Law Summaries are also written by Missouri Law Review Associate Members and provide a broad discussion of a statute or legal topic.

The Missouri Law Review publishes one volume per academic year. Each volume consists of four issues published quarterly in the Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall of each year.

The Editorial Board

The Missouri Law Review Editorial Board has the primary responsibility of managing, editing, and producing each issue. Each spring, the current Editorial Board selects a new editorial staff from the Associate Members. The selection of the new Editorial Board is based on interviews, experience, and resumes.

The Missouri Law Review Fellows

The Missouri Law Review Fellows are a group of generous contributors who have donated to an endowment fund for the Missouri Law Review. This fund assists the Review with publication expenses and with scholarships for Review members. Missouri Law Review Fellows have made a contribution of at least $10,000, and are recognized for life on the inside cover of the Missouri Law Review. The name of each fellow is followed by the year in which he or she graduated from the School of Law.

  • Thomas A. Vetter of Jefferson City (1964)
  • Lawrence G. Crahan of St. Louis (1977)
  • Larry L. McMullen of Kansas City (1959)
  • John R. Phillips of Kansas City (1971)
  • Andrew B. & Hon. Karen M. See of Kansas City (1978)
  • John W. Inglish of Jefferson City (1950)
  • Franklin G. Snyder of Washington, D.C. (1983)
  • Frances H. Phillips of Jefferson City (BSBA, 1971)
  • John S. Sandberg of St. Louis (1972)
  • John K. Hulston of Springfield (1941)
  • John C. Sullivan of New York City (1984)

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